Best Incontinence Underwear for Women

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Written by Chad Birt on Thu Dec 30 2021.

Best Incontinence Underwear for Women

Both sexes experience incontinence, but data from the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research suggests women are more than twice as likely to suffer than men.

If you have incontinence or provide assistance to someone who does, high-quality personal care products can make all the difference. To help make the process a little easier, we've curated a list of our best incontinence underwear for women.

Are adult diapers and incontinence underwear the same thing?

Incontinence underwear is a blanket term for various products, including diapers, pull-ups, and underpads. Here’s how these items vary:


A diaper is a protective undergarment that features tabs on the sides. They're easy to adjust and provide maximum absorbency that lasts throughout the night.


Pull-ups look similar to regular underwear but offer added leak protection. They're disposable and easy to remove.


A liner is a piece of absorbent material that you slip inside of a diaper or a pull-up. It provides an extra layer of absorbency for extended protection.


An underpad is a large piece of absorbent fabric designed to protect bedding or furniture. These are especially helpful if you care for someone who uses a wheelchair or spends most of their time in bed.

What's the difference between unisex and female-specific incontinence products?

Diapers, pull-ups, and disposable underwear come in three varieties –– male, female, and unisex.

Male and female products are unique in that they feature absorbent material at strategic locations. For example, men's products have absorbent material in the front of the crotch while women's products have absorbent material at the very bottom. Unisex products have absorbent material in both of these areas.

At first, we recommend trying several different brands and styles. That way, you can choose a product that best aligns with you or your care recipient's needs.

Carewell's Best Incontinence Underwear for Women

Now that you know about the different types of incontinence products, let's take a closer look at some of our best sellers:

  1. Tranquility Premium OverNight

  2. TENA Superprotective, all night absorbency

  3. Women Super Plus Heavy Protective Incontinence Underwear

  4. ProSkin Protective Underwear, Maximum Absorbency

  5. Prevail Daily Pull-up Underwear for Women

  6. Depend Fit-Flex Pull-up for Women

  7. Depend Night Defense Pull-Up Underwear for Women

1. Tranquility Premium OverNight

These unisex pullups from Tranquility offer maximum absorbency for both urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence. They feature a Peach Mat core that locks away moisture, keeping your skin dry and odor-free. What's more, the cuff guards provide an extra layer of leak protection, allowing for longer periods between changes.

Key benefits & features:

  • Cloth-like back sheet for increased airflow and comfort

  • Odor-control technology

  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic

2. TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear

If you experience heavy voids during the night, it can be hard to get restful sleep. Though unisex, this super-protective disposable underwear from TENA is ideal for women. The material protects you from leakage while mimicking the texture and comfort that regular underwear provides.

Key benefits & features:

  • Body-Close Fit that channels liquids away from your skin

  • Protection from heavy voids

  • The pad is wider at the bottom for increased absorbency

3. Women Super Plus Heavy Protective Incontinence Underwear

This protective underwear is specifically designed for the female physique. It's made of a soft, tri-laminate material that hugs the body while providing maximum absorbency. What's more, the fabric has highly absorbent polymers sewn in that provide long-term protection against bladder leakage.

Key benefits & features:

  • Designed for women

  • Breathable backing

  • Super absorbency

  • A soft, stretchy waistband for a perfect fit

4. ProSkin Protective Underwear, Maximum Absorbency

This womens' underwear comes in an attractive nude color and looks very similar to traditional briefs. The fabric features ConfioAir 100% Breathable Technology that helps your skin maintain its natural moisture balance. The top sheet promotes airflow and the absorbent polymers lock away moisture and odors. No wonder these incontinence products are endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

Key benefits & features:

  • Curved elastic leg gathers for a snug fit

  • Perfect for everyday use

  • Disposable

  • Thin for absorbent

5. Prevail Daily Pull-up Underwear for Women

If you experience mild or moderate urinary incontinence, consider these pull-ups from Prevail. They feature absorbent beads in strategic locations, providing an extra layer of leak protection. Other notable features include a breathable barrier that allows odors to escape and MaxSorb Gel technology so your skin stays dry.

Key benefits & features:

  • Heavy absorbency

  • Designed for women

  • Cotton enhanced top sheet

  • Free of rubber and latex

6. Depend Fit-Flex Pull-up for Women

These pull-ups from Depend help combat moderate to heavy incontinence. In fact, they can protect against minor bowel voids or bladder leaks and they're ideal for postpartum recovery. The fit-flex material contains form-fitting Lycra, allowing for the perfect fit.

Key benefits & features:

  • Made in the USA

  • Odor-guarding polymers to prevent smells

  • Designed for the female body

  • A neutral color and a discreet design

7. Depend Night Defense Pull-Up Underwear for Women

These pull-ups from Depend are designed to provide up to 12 hours of incontinence protection. They feature a soft, absorbent material that keeps you dry and comfortable, even when you're sleeping.

Key benefits & features:

  • Maximum absorbency

  • Latex free

  • Contain no lotions or fragrances

Do you have questions about incontinence underwear?

If you have questions about incontinence underwear, contact our friendly Care Specialists at any time. Call (855) 855-1666 or send an email to

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