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Almonds and walnuts.

Best Diet for Stomach Ulcers

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri Sep 22 2023

Stomach ulcers are a common digestive problem for older adults. About 17% of people ages 80 and over have at least one peptic ulcer, according to the National Institutes of Health. Most stomach ulcers heal on their own, but successful recovery often involves avoiding some foods while adding others to your diet. Read More

Mother and adult daughter cooking together.

How To Help a Loved One Eat Solids (Not Just Boost)

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Sep 18 2023

Family caregiving presents various challenges, but one of the most perplexing is getting a loved one to eat. Many older adults, in particular, lose their appetite due to underlying medical or psychological conditions. Read More

Woman writing a weekly meal plan.

How to Create a Meal Plan

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Sep 14 2023

As a family caregiver, your work is never done. Whether you’re taking your loved one to doctor’s appointments or helping them get dressed, the demands on your time are never-ending. Read More

Friends exercising together.

How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Sep 14 2023

Most of us take our kidneys for granted; as long as they function, we rarely think about them. But if you’re one of the 37 million Americans with kidney disease, they’re a top priority. Even if your kidneys are healthy, keeping them that way is essential. Below, we highlight some tips for doing just that.Read More