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What to Know About Adult Diapers, Pull Up Underwear, and Accessories

When caring for a loved one with mobility impairments, Alzhimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, cancer or simply aging-related changes, incontinence can become a challenge. Incontinence can take make shapes and forms, like:

  • Mom could feel anxious about making it to the bathroom on time, and experiences a little urinary leakage along the way.
  • Grandpa’s knees may not work like they used to, making it difficult for him to get up from the recliner and walk quickly to the bathroom.
  • A loved one with Alzheimer’s may not be able to toilet independently any longer

Whatever the reason behind the toileting challenge, we offer a variety of adult diapers solutions. It’s important to find a diaper that is discreet, absorbent, and most of all - comfortable.

  • Pull up underwear: These are designed to look and feel more like regular underwear. Available in both daytime and nighttime features, pull-up underwear provides absorbency and protection for those with moderate to heavy incontinence, while easily sliding on and off.
  • Adult Diapers with Tabs: Tabs allow for a contoured fit and keep the diaper secure and in place. Most often used by caregivers for loved ones that aren’t able to put products on themselves, adult diapers with tabs are more highly absorbent and offer a more full fit than pull up underwear.
  • Booster Pads, Inserts & Doublers: Adult diaper booster pads, also called “doublers” or “inserts,” are designed to extend the life of a disposable diaper by adding extra absorbency. Place these pads on the inside of another product like protective underwear or adult diapers to add an extra layer of security and protection.
  • Knit Underwear: Knit incontinence underpants can be used with a variety of incontinence liners and pads to promote comfort and security. Available in disposable or re-usable varieties.
  • Adult Diaper Covers: Designed to hold absorbent pads, protective underwear, or diapers, these soft, lightweight covers can be either disposable or reusable, depending on you or your loved one’s preference.


What's the difference between unisex pull-ups and gender-specific pull-ups?

There are three primary differences between unisex pull-ups and gender-specific pull-ups.

  • Contour and Shape. Gender-specific products are tailored to fit male or female bodies, and can provide a more discreet, slimmer fit.
  • Polymer placement. Polymers are the tiny absorbent beads that soak up moisture. Pull-ups for women have more polymers in the core, where women tend to void. Pull-ups for men have additional polymers in the front, where men tend to need more absorbency.
  • Gender-specific designs. Pull-ups come in gender-specific colors like purple or steely gray, providing an extra layer of dignity.

Are adult diapers different for men and women?

All tab-style diaper products are unisex, meaning any tab-style product we offer will be ideally suited regardless of gender. Which product is “best” for you depends on your:

  • Absorbency needs (light to moderate to overnight)
  • Feature preferences (refastenable tabs, sturdy side panels that won’t rip, or an odor guard, for example)
  • Size

Are plastic-backed diapers more absorbent?

Plastic-backed diapers are not more absorbent than cloth-backed diapers. Absorbency has to do with the amount of polymers (tiny absorbent beads) in a product, not the backing. Cloth-backed diapers are more comfortable, more breathable, better for your skin health, and just as absorbent as plastic-backed options—if not more so.

What are the most absorbent briefs?

Our Overnight Briefs with Tabs are the most absorbent we offer. These also typically come with features like breathable backing and an odor guard, so you can enjoy comfortable, all-night sleep.

Can I put a pad inside a brief?

A booster pad can be added to a pull-up for an extra layer of absorbency. These products have a flow-through backing and, once full, will allow liquid to pass through to the absorbent product beneath. We do not recommend inserting a bladder pad or anything else with a plastic or waterproof backing inside a brief or pull-up. The waterproof backing traps liquid against the skin, leading to skin breakdown, and leaks out the sides and waistband.

What are the most absorbent pads?

Overnight incontinence pads provide the highest level of absorbency. Alternatively, customers looking for the absorbency of a pull-up but the style of a pad should consider a pant liner. For customers with heavy incontinence (multiple full voids in a day or overnight), we recommend switching to a pull-up style product. These provide additional absorbency and coverage, but have the style of regular underwear

Will adult diaper covers work over a diaper at night time to prevent leaks?

Yes. They are the perfect cover-up for disposable diapers or any other absorbent medium. However, to prevent leaking more effectively at night, we recommend using a diaper with overnight absorbency or a complementary product like booster pads, to extend the life of the diaper or underpants, to prevent the liquid to pass on to the sheets.

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