Toileting Supplies

About Toileting Supplies

Many caregivers and their loved ones find it challenging to get to the toilet on time - many incontinence accidents happen not because of any underlying health issue, but because older adults and others with mobility limitations simply can’t get to their toilet in time. While toilet paper, wipes, gloves and other supplies are necessary to help keep an area clean and hygienic, sometimes caregivers of loved ones with limited mobility need to create an easier and more comfortable toileting experience with the use of a raised toilet seat or a shower chair.

Having the right supplies on hand can help caregivers to make the toileting process more efficient and help reduce the risk of any potential health hazards, as well as provide the best possible care for their loved ones. Consider these products for creating a comfortable toileting or showering experience:

  • Commode Chairs and Urinals: Ideal for those whose limited mobility impacts trips to the toilet.
  • Raised Toilet Seats: Ideal for individuals with limited mobility who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a standard toilet.
  • Pan Liners & Commode Liners: Convenient solution for caregivers who need to clean and remove commode waste quickly.
  • Transfer Belts, Gait Belts, & Transfer Boards: Ideal for caregivers who need a safe and secure way to transfer their loved ones to a toilet or commode.
  • Bed Pans: Suitable for those who are bedridden or unable to move from their bed.
  • Grab Bars: Helpful for individuals who need assistance with balance or need extra support when transferring from one position to another.


What causes urinary incontinence?

When you urinate, the muscles in your bladder contract and move your urine into the urethra, while the muscles around the urethra relax in order to allow urine to exit the body. Urinary incontinence typically occurs when these muscles relax without warning.

Why do people use padded toilet seats?

Padded toilet seats help to minimize pressure points and offer a more comfortable seated experience compared to a conventional plastic or wood toilet seat.

What is the purpose of a gait belt?

A gait belt is a device used to assist with the transfer of a person from one place to another. It is used to provide support and stability for your loved one, and to help prevent falls. It is also used to help reduce the strain on the caregivers back when lifting or transferring a loved one is required.

What is a commode chair used for?

A commode chair is typically used for people who are unable to walk to the bathroom. They’re smaller, plastic toilets that can be placed in whatever location is easiest for the person using the restroom to access,

What is the best way to clean a portable commode?

To clean a bedside commode:

  1. Start by removing any waste from the commode and disposing of it properly.
  2. Use a disinfectant cleaner to wipe down the entire commode, including the seat, lid, and bowl.
  3. Rinse the commode with warm water and wipe it down with a clean cloth. If the commode has a removable bucket, take it out and clean it separately using the same process.
  4. Once the commode is clean, use a dry cloth to dry it off.
  5. Finally, replace the bucket and lid and the commode is ready to be used.

How do commode liners work?

Commode liners are designed to fit inside the commode and provide a barrier between the user and the commode. The liner is placed in the commode and the user can then sit on it. Once the user is finished, simply remove and dispose of the liner. This helps to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria and makes the commode easier to clean.

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