2024 Roundup of the Best Leak Proof Adult Diapers

Brianna Maguire

Written by Brianna Maguire on Thu Dec 21 2023.

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You’ve put your loved one to bed, finally gotten comfortable in front of your favorite show, and boom: they alert you of a leak and TV time is over. Or maybe you’re at lunch with a friend and your pull-up suddenly starts leaking, causing you to make up excuses and rush to the bathroom. Sound familiar? The good news is that with the right incontinence products, your life can be leak-free, odor-free, and stress-free.

We’ve rounded up all the leak-proof products we recommend for peace of mind and protection. Because accidents happen—but leaks should never have to.

Best leak-proof diaper with tabs:

TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs – Heavy

TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Incontinence Brief

Price: $22.00 - $74.92

There’s a reason these diapers are one of the most-loved products on our site. With a fully breathable design, a super absorbent core, and curved leg elastics, this could be the heavy-duty solution you and your loved ones have been searching for.


Totally unique fastening system, FAR superior to anything else we have purchased or used. The entire product is excellent but the tabs are absolutely unique, making it the product right for patient AND caregiver.” Delanne R. 

Amazing quality! We’ve tried them all and these are by far the best!” Rosalinda L.

Best leak proof bariatric diaper:

Prevail Bariatric Diapers with Ultimate 

Prevail Bariatric Briefs with Tabs, Ultimate
Prevail Bariatric Briefs with Tabs, Ultimate

Price: $12.58 - $88.40

Need a larger fit? These plus-sized diapers are ultra-absorbent and fit comfortably around almost any sized body. Refastenable straps make them easy to fasten again and again, so you can always get the perfect fit. Plus, odor guards keep your loved one smelling and feeling fresh.


I love this diaper. It’s the best of all I have tried and I am so glad Carewell carries it! My mom is bed-bound after a massive stroke, this is a great product for her.” Shivani S.

Best adult diapers for my mom!” Carol S.

Best Leak Proof Pull-Ups:

Abena Abri-Flex Pull-Up Underwear

Abena Pants Pull-Up Underwear, Level 3s
Abena Pants Pull-Up Underwear, Level 3s

Price: $24.41 - $145.95

Abena pull-ups have long set the standard for ultra-absorbency and protection. Enjoy leak proof pull-up underwear that’s built to stay in place through all of life’s active moments. Discreet and soft, Abena pull-ups are as comfortable as they are absorbent.


By far the best pullups I have found for my mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. These have greatly improved our quality of daily life!” Melissa H.

My 93-year-old mother has had no bladder control for many years. Have tried every brand and combination of pad and pull up with no success and lots of laundry. I finally went online and found Abri-Flex pull-ups and am happy to report that these really hold a high volume of urine. Really made a difference in mom’s life as well as mine!!!!” Joyce G.

Leak Proof Swim Pull-ups:

SwimMates Adult Swim Pull-Up Underwear

SwimMates Disposable Adult Pull-Up Underwear
SwimMates Disposable Adult Pull-Up Underwear

Price: $15.99 - $78.95

These swim pull-ups allow your or your loved ones to enjoy swimming again, without worrying about bowel leakage. Keep in mind that these do not absorb urine (only bowel incontinence) because they’re absent of the polymers that would typically soak up liquid. In other words, they won’t contain urine, but they will also never get soggy, baggy, or weighed down. 


Love them, would recommend to anyone. My little guy is happy again cause he can go swimming.” Jean I.

Best swim protection product made!!” Linda K

Extra leak protection:

Want even more protection? Consider adding a booster pad to an existing pull-up or diaper with tabs to double its absorbency. Our caregivers love these Select Booster Pads because they’re comfortable and ultra-absorbent: https://www.carewell.com/select-booster-pads/

We can never overemphasize the importance of skin breakdown prevention. Always make sure diapers are changed as soon as they are soiled and apply a protective cream like this one from TENA if there is any irritation.

As always, if you have questions about these or other products, contact our friendly Care Team by calling (800) 696-CARE or sending a message to support@carewell.com.

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Brianna Maguire
Brianna Maguire

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