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About Pull Up Underwear

What to Know About Pull Up Diapers or Protective Underwear

Adult pull-up diapers - also called protective underwear - are designed to look and feel more like regular underwear, therefore adding a level of comfort and discretion. Made of a cotton or polyester blend, pull ups have an absorbent padding that helps to keep the wearer dry.

Protective underwear allows you to continue engaging in the daily activities you enjoy, without letting incontinence struggles hold you back. Daytime pull-up underwear provides the absorbency and protection you need while easily sliding on and off. These adult pull ups are available in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels, and are also available in Male, Female, and Unisex designs.

We offer pull-ups based on various needs:

  • Overnight Pull-Ups: If you are looking for extensive leak protection at night to keep your care recipient clean and dry, these pull-ups provide all-night protection, or heavy-duty daytime support. They’re much more absorbent than typical pull-ups.
  • Women’s Protective Underwear: Shaped to fit snugly against a woman’s body, these come in feminine designs and colors.
  • Men’s Protective Underwear: Contoured to fit male anatomy, these carry polymers in the front, where men tend to void. These come in masculine designs and some look just like regular briefs.
  • Plus-Size or Batriatric Pull-Ups: For those with waist sizes between 62 and 80 inches, plus-sized pull-ups offer a comfortable, absorbent fit.
  • Swim Pull-Ups: Swim pull-ups offer protection against bowel incontinence while in the pool or at the beach.


Can adults wear pulls ups?

Yes. Pull-ups are designed to provide maximum absorbency and can be especially helpful for adults who experience moderate to heavy incontinence. They are also often more comfortable than traditional underwear, as they do not have tight elastic bands that can dig into the skin. For adults with mobility issues, pull-ups can be easier to put on and take off than traditional underwear.

What are the best pull-ups for men?

Male-specific pull-up underwear differ from traditional unisex protective underwear. They:

  • Have a more contoured fit (tailored to the male body).
  • Have extra polymers in the front (where men tend to void).
  • Come in masculine colors (like steely grey).

How do I tell the front end of a pull-up from the back?

In most cases, the back of the pull-up is indicated with colored threads, the size printed on the inside label, or even the word “back” on the product. Some brands choose to indicate the front instead, but if this is the case, it’ll typically say “front.”

Can I put a pad inside my pull-up?

A booster pad can be added to a pull-up for an extra layer of absorbency. These products have flow-through backing and, once full, allow liquid to pass through to the absorbent product beneath.

We do not recommend inserting a bladder pad or anything else with a plastic or waterproof backing inside a brief or pull-up. The waterproof backing traps liquid against the skin and leaks out the sides and waist band.

Which pull-ups are the most discreet?

If you’re looking for a discreet pull-up, it’s best to search for:

  • A gender-specific option, which is more contoured to the body, and creates less of a shape under clothes.
  • Clothlike-backing, which in addition to being breathable and skin-safe, is silent (no crinkling when you move).
  • Odor guard, which will neutralize the ammonia in urine, leaving you feeling - and smelling - fresh.

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