Best Adult Diaper Brands

Chad Birt

Written by Chad Birt on Tue Feb 15 2022.

Best Adult Diaper Brands

At Carewell, part of our mission is to serve and support family caregivers. One of the ways we do that is by having a deep understanding of the brands we carry.

Every day, our friendly and knowledgeable Care Specialists get questions about adult incontinence products, and more specifically, adult diapers. If your care recipient regularly experiences accidents or unwanted leaks, the right diaper can make all the difference.

To assist your decision-making process we’ve compiled a list of the best adult diaper brands. To be clear, this article isn’t intended to compare or contrast. And we aren't saying any brand is better than the other. It simply lists our best-selling diapers in alphabetical order and discusses the features that stand out.

If, after reading the article, you have questions, please get in touch. Our product experts have extensive knowledge of each brand and can match you and your care recipient with the solution that best aligns with your budget and needs.

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8 Best Adult Diaper Brands

Listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Abena

  2. Attends

  3. Cardinal Health

  4. McKesson

  5. Prevail

  6. Seni

  7. Tena

  8. Tranquility

01. Abena


Abena is a manufacturer based in Denmark. The company is known for its high-quality, extremely absorbent products. Ultra-absorbency allows for less frequent changes, enabling wearers to sleep through the night.

Abena diapers offer lasting protection from leakage and feature breathable materials, advanced odor guards, and stretchy side panels for a comfortable fit. What’s more, Abena uses more environmentally friendly raw materials than any other diaper brand, reducing your carbon footprint.

Abena diapers are unisex and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Our most popular Abena adult diaper is the Abena Abri-Form Premium Diaper with tabs.

Products offered by Abena include: Tab-style briefs, pull-up underwear, bladder pads, bowel pads, booster pads, and male guards.

02. Attends


Attends is one of America’s most well-known incontinence brands. In fact, the company invented the first-ever disposable brief.

Here at Carewell, we carry various Attends products, including the Attends Premier Line. These state-of-the-art incontinence supplies are supremely soft, extremely absorbent, and well-fitted to prevent leakage. Furthermore, they come in bariatric sizes that fit waists up to 100 inches.

Our most popular Attends product is the Attends Premier Adult Diaper with tabs overnight.

Products offered by Attends include: Tab-style briefs (light to overnight), pull-up underwear (light to heavy), bladder pads (light to heavy), underpads, and male guards.

03. Cardinal Health


Cardinal Health is a medical distributor that supplies many hospitals and nursing homes. Their products are high-quality but tend to be more affordable than some of the other brands on this list.

Despite their lower price tag, Cardinal Health products boast many high-tech features, including odor guards, refastenable tabs, and breathable side panels.

Cardinal Health products also have a clothlike back sheet made of “whisper quiet” fabric. The fabric is softer than the materials used in traditional incontinence products, providing the wearer with a comfortable and discreet solution.

If your care recipient is a wheelchair user or bed-bound, we recommend Cardinal Wings, Quilted Briefs with Tabs, Plus. These briefs have a super soft top sheet that’s extra-absorbent and comfortable for your loved one to rest on.

Products offered by Cardinal Health include: Underpads, pull-up underwear, briefs, and wipes.

04. McKesson


McKesson is Carewell's distributor. The company is best known for its wide variety of medical and household supplies, but it also manufactures a line of incontinence products at low prices. If you’re on a fixed income and don’t have much wiggle room, McKesson incontinence products are the way to go.

Even though they’re cheaper than the competition, they offer many of the same features as their more expensive counterparts, including odor guards and refastenable tabs.

To prevent skin issues, like diaper rash, McKesson products also feature a cloth backing. Still, we typically recommend McKesson products for people experiencing mild to moderate incontinence. If your loved one experiences heavy, severe, or bowel incontinence, a more absorbent brand may offer better protection.

Our best-selling McKesson product is the McKesson Ultra Briefs with Tabs.

Incontinence products offered by McKesson include: Tab-style briefs (light to heavy), pull-up underwear (light to heavy), bladder pads (light to heavy), and underpads.

05. Prevail


Prevail products are designed to protect your loved one's skin and keep them feeling fresh. Known as the “protective hygiene authority,” Prevail works with medical professionals (like dermatologists) to develop diapers that keep the skin clean, dry, and protected.

Prevail products contain proprietary technologies, including MaxSorb Gel for super absorbency and Microclimate care for temperature control. These features prevent moisture from collecting, control odor, and allow the skin to breathe. What’s more, their form-fitting design allows individuals to remain active without having to worry about leaks or stains.

Our best-selling Prevail product is the Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Briefs.

Products offered by Prevail include: Tab-style briefs (light to overnight), pull-up underwear (light to overnight), bladder pads (very light to overnight), underpads, and hygienic wipes (flushable and non-flushable).

06. Seni


Seni products are manufactured by TMZO SA, a company based in Poland. Like Prevail, Seni products are designed to protect skin health. Seni products have a unique design that features a permeable layer to reduce sweating and bedsores. In addition, their anatomical shape fits the wearers’ body, ensuring comfort and enhanced mobility.

If your care recipient needs overnight protection, we highly recommend Seni Super Quatro Adult Diapers with Tabs.

Products offered by Seni include: Tab-style adult briefs (super to overnight), pull-up underwear (super to overnight), bladder pads (very light to maximum), booster pads, male guards, and skincare (cleansers, bathing gloves, and moisturizing lotion).

07. TENA

TENA is one of the most well-known brands in the adult diaper space, boasting more than 50 years of experience. Like Seni, TENA offers a full range of incontinence products as well as skincare supplies.

TENA products are made with premium materials. The clothlike fabric is similar to traditional underwear and fits comfortably under your care recipient’s clothing.

TENA pull-ups and diapers have refastenable tabs, allowing for a perfect fit. They’re fully breathable, wick moisture away from the skin, and have microscopic polymers that lock in odors.

Our best-selling TENA product is the TENA ProSkin Flex Maxi. The ProSkin Flex Maxi is a belted undergarment worn inside your care recipient's regular underwear. It provides overnight protection for both urine and fecal voids and features a cooling design that prevents heat sweat.

Products offered by TENA include: Tab style briefs (light to overnight), pull-up underwear (light to overnight), bladder pads (very light to overnight), underpads. TENA also makes skincare products, including barrier creams, cleansers, body wash, and shampoo.

08. Tranquility


Tranquility is another manufacturer that’s highly respected in the incontinence community. Tranquility products offer high absorbency at reasonable prices, as well as unique sizes that other brands don’t offer, including 4X/5X tab-style briefs.

Thanks to their maximum absorbency, Tranquility products allow for fewer changes, better sleep, and less laundry. Moreover, the patented “peach mat” core promises dry skin, odor reduction, urine neutralization, and the inhibition of bacteria growth.

Their unique design and attention to detail make Tranquility products ideal for people on a budget who need protection from heavy incontinence. Our best-selling Tranquility product is Tranquility ATN All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs with Tabs, Maximum.

Products offered by Tranquility include: Tab style adult briefs (light to overnight), pull-up underwear (heavy), bladder pads (heavy), underpads (“Peach core”), hygienic wipes, and swim underwear (SwimMates).

Do you have questions about adult diapers?

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