What is a Topliner Booster Pad?

Chad Birt

Written by Chad Birt on Tue Jan 12 2021.

What is a Topliner Booster Pad?

If you wear pull ups or disposable underwear, you’ve probably seen products like diaper doubles or booster pads, but what is a topliner booster pad?

Often, even the most absorbent products fail to provide complete protection. Topliner booster pads can increase the longevity of your incontinence products and prevent frequent leaks.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what topliner booster pads are, what they are intended to do, and why you should use them.

This article answers the following questions:

What is a topliner booster pad?

A topliner booster pad is a disposable insert designed to extend the protection provided by an adult diaper, pull-up, or other incontinence product. It provides extra absorbency, wicking away moisture. Ultimately, this prevents the need for frequent changes and significantly lowers the risk of rashes, skin irritation, or a urinary tract infection.

How do booster pads work?

Topliner booster pads look very similar to other types of incontinence pads. They’re hourglass shaped and provide protection at the front and back of your body. 

Booster pads have a permeable exterior. When they’re full, excess urine or stool passes into the primary incontinence product. Instead of changing your underwear altogether, simply remove the pad, throw it away, and replace it. 

To prevent damage to your clothing, bedding, or furniture, only wear a booster pad with another type of incontinence product. Never wear a booster pad by itself or with regular underwear. 

Why should I use a booster pad?

Booster pads can come in handy in a variety of different settings, including:

While sleeping. If you’re incontinent, getting a restful eight hours of sleep isn’t always easy. Frequent trips to the bathroom or the need to change and bathe can lead to insomnia and exhaustion. Booster pads provide an extra line of defense, allowing you to wake up completely dry and rested.

While traveling. Many people who suffer from incontinence stay at or near their homes. If they do go out, it’s important a restroom is nearby. With topliner booster pads, you don’t have to worry as much. These inserts provide peace of mind and protection no matter where you are. Their absorbent properties make lengthy travel possible, whether you’re planning a road trip or transatlantic flight. 

While attending events. Have you stopped going out in public or visiting with friends due to a fear of leaks or embarrassment? By pairing a topliner booster pad with your disposable underwear or pull-ups, there’s nothing to worry about. Your skin and clothing can stay dry for hours at a time. 

When providing care. People who are bedridden or in a wheelchair require full diaper changes several times a day. A topliner booster pad can save you time, reduce the frequency of changes, and keep you dry and comfortable. 

When shopping for a topliner pad, what should I consider?

When shopping for a booster pad, it’s important to consider two factors, in particular:

Fit. booster pads come in various sizes. Before making a purchase, consider the height and weight of the person wearing it as well as the dimensions of the incontinence product it’s going in. Once you measure the length and width, you can order accordingly. 

Absorbency. Each type of booster pad offers a different level of protection. For example, most basic pads hold up to 13.6 fluid ounces or 1.7 cups. Extra absorbent pads, on the other hand, hold up to 27.5 fluid ounces or 3.4 cups.

Where can I buy booster pads?

Many well-known brands now offer topliner booster pads. Here are two of the most commonly purchased topliner booster pads on the Carewell site:

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads 

These topliner booster pads made by Tranquility have a polymer peach mat core that soaks up liquid while protecting your skin. They fit comfortably inside a diaper or tab-style brief and are easily adjustable. Each pad has an adhesive backing, ensuring it stays in the correct position throughout the day. 

Consider this product if:

  • You want to add extra absorbency to an existing incontinence product

  • You experience bowel incontinence and don’t want to change after each void

  • You’re a deep sleeper and want overnight protection

  • You’re traveling for lengthy periods and don’t want to change

Tranquility Topliner Contour Booster Pads

These contour booster pads are also made by Tranquility. They have a polymer peach mat core that locks up moisture, an hourglass shape that can accommodate both urinary and bowel incontinence, and can extend the life of pull-up or tab-style diapers.

Consider this product if:

  • You have a larger body

  • You wear pull-ups that don’t fit your legs properly; the booster pad can help fill the gaps

  • You have bowel incontinence and don’t want to change after each void

  • You’re traveling for extended periods

What if I have additional questions about topliner booster pads?

If you have additional questions about topliner booster pads, get in touch. Our support team is available 24/7. Call Now: (800) 696-CARE.

You can also send us an email at: support@carewell.com

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