Fall Management Slipper Socks


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Short Description

  • Posey socks provide non-skid grippers on the sole to help prevent falls.
  • Soft terry cloth
  • Grippers on the top and bottom of Posey non-skid socks.
  • Designed with a mesh band on large socks to help comfortably fit swollen ankles and calves.
  • Large size fits larger ankles and calves.

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About Posey Fall Management Slipper Socks

Posey non-skid socks are socks designed for patients who require non-skid footwear to help prevent the risk of falling. These socks are perfect for people who would like comfortable and soft footwear that will also give them stability and security by helping prevent slips and falls. These socks are especially helpful when walking on hardwood or tile floors. Posey socks have grippers on the tops and bottoms to help grip the floor with each step. The large sized socks offer a mesh band to comfortably fit swollen ankles and calves. The large size fits wider ankles and calves.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Grippers on the tops and bottoms to help grip to the floor while walking.
  • Perfect for those who are in need of a gripping and non-skid sock to help prevent falls.
  • Comfortable and soft terry cloth.
  • Mesh band on large socks to comfortably fit swollen ankles and calves.
  • Large size fits larger and wider ankles and calves.

Who should be using this product?

Patients or adults who could benefit from non-skid and gripper socks to help prevent falls.

How do you use this product?

Wear as you would regular socks.

Material Terry Cloth
Sole Type Skid-resistant Sole
SizeShoe Size
Standard Fits up to Adult 13 Shoe Size
Large Fits up to Adult 14 Shoe Size

Posey Non-Skid Socks FAQs

What are Posey socks?

Posey socks are fall management socks designed for patients and adults in need of non-slip footwear in the house or hospital to help prevent falls. These socks are soft terry cloth with skid-resistant rubber treads on both sides of the sock. Washable and latex-free.

Do socks prevent falls?

Posey socks with grippers and non-skid dots help to prevent falls better than regular socks.

Can you use hot glue for non-slip socks?

It is not recommended that you make your own non-slip socks. Posey non-skid socks are a great product available for those in need of non-slip socks to prevent falls.