Our nutrition supplies provide health and wellness, whether you’re supplementing your existing diet or providing a loved one with complete nutrition.

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About Nutrition

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Keeping your loved ones healthy is a number one priority, and at Carewell, we offer everything you need so your family is always feeling their best. Enjoy overall health and wellness and targeted protection with our nutrition supplies.

Do I need vitamins and supplements?

Vitamins and supplements are key to supporting healthy aging, staying strong, and maintaining wellness for people of all ages. Vitamins help your body and mind to work properly. They keep you focused, energetic, and so much more. That’s we offer multivitamins, supplements, iron, vitamin D, and anything else you may need for long-term, sustained health.

What are nutritious drinks and shakes?

Nutritious drinks and shakes are delicious, convenient alternatives to meals or even snacks. Enjoy complete, balanced nutrition and feel full with our easy to drink products. Even if your loved one experiences dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, our drinks and shakes offer an easily swallowable alternative to traditional meals. Whether you don’t have time to grab lunch or you need a long-term solution for your nutritional needs, our drinks and shakes are here for you.

What are your purees and meals? Can they help my loved one with difficulty swallowing?

Our purees and meals offer a quick, convenient, nutritious alternative to traditional meals. You and your loved ones can enjoy complete, balanced nutrition and a filling, satisfying meal, even if they face difficulty swallowing. Our single-serve meals solutions are ready in minutes, so they’re as convenient as they are delicious!

I need more help

We’re committed to making sure you have more than just products. We offer the guidance and support you need to better care for your loved ones. That’s why our expert Care Team is here to answer any of your questions. Whether you’re looking for more nutritional info or you aren’t sure what incontinence products is right for your loved one, we’re here for you.