Feeding Essentials

Carewell's Guide to Nutrition & Feeding
Carewell's Guide to Nutrition & Feeding

About Feeding Essentials

Providing great nutrition for your loved ones isn’t just about having the right food - it’s about having the right tools and equipment to make sure mealtimes are as simple, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. Caregivers often have a routine with breakfasts, light snacks, and a standard dinner time. To help maintain this routine, we offer everything a caregiver needs to make those mealtime experiences a success for both care recipient and caregiver, like:

  • Serving Trays & Over the Bed Trays - For those who prefer to eat or drink while in bed or in a chair, or for those who are bedridden.
  • Bibs - Reusable and disposable bibs provide both stain resistance and maximum protection against spills. Ideal for loved ones that are:
    • Experiencing trouble with fine motor control and who are at risk for spillage.
    • Who are unable to self feed or for those with swallowing disorders who need protection from accidental spills.
  • Cups, plates, bowls - Includes items like:
    • Ergonomic spill-proof drinking cups for those with motor impairments who are at risk for spillage
    • Paper and plastic disposable cups for easy clean up
    • Water pitcher for convenient refills.
  • Utensils & Adaptive Utensils - If your loved one needs assistance with self feeding, adaptive silverware and cups can make mealtime more enjoyable. Also includes disposable plates for easy clean up.
  • Underpads - Thin, soft sheets of absorbent material with a watertight barrier attached to one side. Designed to fully protect bed linens, mattresses, or any surfaces from fluids - can support meal times by protecting furniture and other surfaces from potential spills. Also ideal for enteral feeding times.


Are plastic utensils strong enough to handle heavy food?

Though plastic utensils aren’t made out of the same weighted material as metal dinnerware, plastic utensils are almost always durable enough to handle any kind of food. Our utensils are heavy enough to support your food, but light enough that you’ll never struggle to lift them.

Can adults wear bibs?

Yes. We carry reusable and disposable bibs ideal for loved ones who are:

  • Experiencing trouble with fine motor control and who are at risk for spillage.
  • Unable to self feed and need extra protection against spills.

What is a Kennedy cup used for?

Kennedy cups are designed to prevent spills. They’re plastic, lightweight and easy to grip adapted drinking cups with screw on lids to help prevent liquids from spilling out.

Can I put hot liquids in the Kennedy cup?

Kennedy cups are best for cold or warm liquids.

What is the purpose of an overbed table?

Overbed tables are ideal to provide a convenient and accessible surface for patients in hospital beds to perform various tasks, such as eating, writing, reading, and using a laptop computer. The overbed table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be adjusted to different heights and positions, depending on the needs of the patient. The table can also be rolled over the bed, out of the way, when not in use.

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