About Underpads

Keep your furniture clean and incontinence free with our underpads! Sometimes referred to as “chux,” underpads are rectangular pads that feature two layers of waterproof plastic with absorbent polymers inside. You can use underpads almost anywhere! Place them on chairs, beds, car seats, or anywhere else as a barrier against all types of moisture. Many of our caregivers even use underpads as “puppy pads” for their furry friends.

Who should be using underpads?

If you or a loved one deals with nighttime leakage or needs extra protection for any kind of furniture, underpads offer a convenient, simple solution. Whether your floors need protection from your furry friends, or your loved one’s wheelchair seat could use some absorbency against incontinence, underpads are likely the right solution for you.

I have trouble adjusting my loved one in bed

If you’re a caregiver for someone that struggles with mobility, underpads offer a simple, convenient solution for adjusting your loved one’s position. Since they can hold up to 300 pounds without tearing, you can gently lift and tug underpads without risk of them tearing.

Regularly shifting your loved one is key to avoiding bed sores or pressure ulcers, so make sure you’re moving loved ones at least once every four hours. If your loved one has pressure sores, our wound care supplies can have them back to normal in no time. Body washes and cleansers can keep skin clean and fresh, and the proper bedding can help relieve pressure that stimulates ulcers.

Should I use disposable or reusable underpads?

Whether you choose disposable or reusable underpads is completely up to your unique lifestyle! Each style has it’s own benefits, and we offer both disposable and reusable underpads, so you’ll always have exactly what you need.

You might prefer a reusable underpad if you’re looking for an economical solution you can use again and again. Just pop the underpad into the washer and you’re good to go! Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, reusable underpads are the perfect solution for many families.

Disposable underpads are ideal if you’re looking for a quick and convenient solution. Just toss out used pads and grab a fresh one each time you need a pad! Hygienic and handy, many families stock up on disposable underpads for both long-term use and emergencies.