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What to Know About Mobility, Transportation, and Transferring

Whether you are managing limited mobility due to recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness, or if you experience muscle weakness or balance issues, we have solutions to help you stay mobile and independent. Our selection of sturdy canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters can help you move around safely and with ease. For caregivers, we’ve got you covered with tools such as transfer belts, gait belts, and transfer boards to provide you with the support needed to position and transfer your loved one both in-home or out in the community.


What is a mobility aid?

A mobility aid is any type of device that helps a person move around more easily. This can include anything from a simple cane or walker to a motorized scooter or wheelchair.

Do you need a prescription to buy a walker?

A prescription is not needed to purchase a walker, however, in order for insurance or Medicare to cover any part of it, you will need a prescription. With that said, consulting with your healthcare provider or physical therapist might be helpful when determining the type of walker needed.

What is a transfer board?

A transfer board is a tool that helps people with mobility impairments move from one surface to another. It is often used to transfer a person from a wheelchair to a bed, or from a bed to a wheelchair. The board is placed between the two surfaces, and the person slides onto the board. The board is then slid across to the other surface.

Who should use a rollator walker?

When standing or walking, rollator walkers can be utilized to partially support your weight. You shouldn't use a rollator walker if you have balance problems, weakness while standing, or if you need strong immobile support to help you move.

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