Feminine Hygiene Products

About Feminine Products

Feminine hygiene products are designed to meet all your unique feminine needs. Carrying everything from menstrual pads, also known as sanitary napkins, to period underwear, we’re happy to provide you with the feminine hygiene products you need. Enjoy convenience, simplicity, and peace of mind with our feminine hygiene products!

Do I need to use a pad, or sanitary napkin?

A pad is used to absorb blood and leakage during menstruation, or periods. Typically, you’ll need to change a pad every few hours. However, women have varying flows, so you may need to change more or less frequently depending on your unique needs.

What kind of pad do I need?

Pads can be purchased in different levels of absorbency, much like incontinence products. You can choose lighter absorbencies for lighter flows, or for days at the end of your cycle. If you have a heavier flow, or just heavier flow days, you’ll likely want a heavier absorbency, so that you don’t need to change as frequently.

When selecting a pad, also consider the shape. Some are thin, for more comfortability, while others are thick, for better absorbency or overnight protection. Some women prefer wings on their pads, along with the adhesive strip on the back, for extra security and leakage protection. Other women prefer the light-weight design of wing-less pads.

I’m experiencing light urinary leaks. Is it okay to use a pad?

It is important that you don’t try to use a menstrual pad for a bladder leak. Menstrual and bladder fluid are very different consistencies, and each type of pad is specially designed to accommodate that type of leakage. If you’re looking for light urinary leakage protection, try one of our bladder pads. They’re specially designed to be ultra-absorbent and are better equipped than menstrual pads to protect against odor.

At Carewell, we’re focused on helping you achieve peace of mind and convenience, so we carefully curate our products to suit your needs. Not sure if feminine hygiene products are right for you, or need a feminine hygiene product we don’t currently offer? Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666 and we’ll see what we can do.