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When it comes to your health, self-care is key. Whether you’re active or have limited mobility, we have all the right personal care supplies to keep you feeling clean.

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About Personal Care

Taking care of yourself is key to both physical and mental well-being. Whether that means a long bubble bath or using one of our no-rinse body washes to keep your loved ones hygienic from the comfort of their bed, our products are here to make sure your family is healthy, clean, and happy.

How can I stay clean while I’m dealing with incontinence?

If you or your loved one needs incontinence products, it can be tough to feel your best. That’s why we offer products from top brands that help you feel clean and refreshed. Skin and rash care products keep your loved one hygienic and healthy -- perineal washes provide gentle support to the most delicate parts of your loved one’s skin. Our hygienic wipes are soft and packed with ingredients that support your loved one’s skin, not damage it. 

How can I keep my loved one clean if they’re immobile?

Many caregivers are supporting immobile loved ones, and the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. That’s why we offer no-rinse personal care options, like no-rinse hair care and no-rinse body wash. Keep your loved ones clean, safe, and comfortable by washing them in bed -- no water required.

Does your loved one need a deeper clean than no-rinse washes can provide? Our mobility and accessories products can help you get your loved one into the shower safely, eliminating the risk of falls for you and them. Explore our shower and bath benches for a simple alternative to standing in the shower.

My loved one faces ulcers as a result of diabetes or immobility. How can I care for pressure ulcers or bedsores?

Pressure ulcers are common for those with mobility concerns and diabetes, and luckily, there are simple ways of treating them. Wound care supplies like wound paste and gauze will help sores heal quickly, and prevent additional pressure. To prevent sores in the future, be sure you have the proper bedding supplies and are adjusting your loved ones at least once every four hours. Wash and tend to feet with our foot care supplies, so they stay healthy, moisturized, and sore free. Skin and rash care products like gentle cleansers allow you to wash out sores for faster healing.

I just need a simpler place to shop for my own day-to-day needs. Do you offer general personal care products?

We have everything you need to stay healthy, clean, and happy. We offer oral care supplies, hair care supplies, feminine hygiene, and more, all so that you can centralize your shopping in one convenient place. Stock up on all your personal care items at a discount with our bulk options, and never run out!

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