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About Wipes, Washcloths & Moist Towelettes

What to Know About Wipes, Washcloths, and Moist Towelettes

Wipes, Washcloths & Moist Towelettes can be used to cleanse the skin, support incontinence product changes, remove makeup, or refresh the body. They offer caregivers a convenient, easy to use solution for personal hygiene routines.

If your loved one experiences a urine or bowel void, the sooner you can clean it up, the less likely they are to experience skin irritations. That’s why we offer a variety of adult wipes to keep on hand. They provide gentle care while cleansing and keeping your loved one comfortable.

For those with limited mobility or who are bedridden, adult washcloths are an excellent option for cleansing your loved one in between bathings. Double the size of traditional baby wipes, these disposable washcloths offer a simple, no-rinse solution and leave your loved one feeling fresh. We also offer face and eye wipes for wiping away things like makeup, sweat, and dirt from sensitive areas.

Overall, wipes are very versatile, quick and easy to use, and they require no water or rinsing. This makes them ideal for use on the go, or in situations where water is not readily available. Consider these wipes, washcloths and moist towelettes when gathering supplies for home or on the go:

  • Adult Wipes: Formulated for adult skin and primarily used for bathing or to minimize odors and skin irritation following diaper changes. Wipes are gentle on the skin and are safe for use on all skin types. We offer wipes and washcloths with built-in aloe and vitamin E to keep skin soft, as well as wipes that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • Baby Wipes: Specifically formulated for infant skin, which is sensitive and prone to irritation.
  • Face and Eye Wipes: Designed for wiping away things like makeup, sweat, and dirt from sensitive areas, such as the mouth and eyes.
  • Sanitizing Wipes: Used to clean surfaces and kill bacteria. Convenient to keep on hand in the home, or in the car to clean messes on the go.


What are cleansing wipes?

Cleansing wipes are a type of wet wipe that is used to cleanse the skin and are often used as an alternative to soap and water – Ideal for use on the go. That said, there are many types of cleansing wipes. Look for features like:

  • Scent options. Wipes come in both scented and unscented options, so look for whichever will make you feel the most comfortable.
  • Flushability. These wipes are safe for well-maintained sewers and septic systems. Some are also biodegradable.
  • Softening ingredients. These wipes have built-in aloe and vitamin E to keep skin soft, healthy, and clean.
  • Hypoallergenic. Wipes free of added dyes, alcohol, phthalates, and parabens.

Is it okay to use hygienic wipes on my loved one's face?

It is completely safe to use adult wipes on your loved one’s face! If you or the person you’re caring for has sensitive skin, we recommend choosing one of our unscented options. You can even look for wipes that contain aloe, vitamin E, and chamomile for additional soothing properties.

Which wipes are flushable?

Flushable wipes will be marked as such. These are made with materials that are meant to break down once flushed, and are “sewer safe” when used as directed (one wipe flushed at a time).

Which wipes are good for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using one of our unscented hygienic wipes from our Adult Wipes or Baby Wipes selection. Look for wipes that offer “skin smart” benefits like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E. These ingredients are designed to soothe sensitive skin while still providing exceptional cleaning ability.

Can you use wipes to remove makeup?

Adult hygienic wipes can absolutely be used to remove makeup. If using adult wipes on your face, we recommend choosing a sensitive-skin-friendly unscented wipe.

Can I use baby wipes for an adult?

Baby wipes are safe for use on adults, but we recommend giving adult hygienic wipes a try. These are typically double the size of baby wipes and are designed to fit adult bodies, meaning caregivers’ hands are protected from any potential messes. Plus, they tend to be made of sturdier materials, and are less likely to tear.

Who should use adult wipes?

If you use incontinence products, such as underpads, briefs, or pull-ups, or suffer from urinary or bowel incontinence, these washcloths are ideal to use for cleansing and freshening up.

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