If you have incontinence or are caring for a loved one managing it, you should get to know Prevail. This brand is known as the “protective hygiene authority” for a good reason. The company provides wipes, briefs, pull-ups, pads, male guards, and many other products for incontinence. It even has a team of clinical nurses to ensure products keep skin healthy and leave customers feeling fresh. 

This review will help you with incontinence purchases by providing information about Prevail and its products. You’ll discover how these products work, learn about pros and cons, identify key product features, study costs, and hear from other customers who have used Prevail products. 

What is Prevail?

Many families rely on Prevail products regularly for incontinence support. They’re an especially good fit for active users, and the manufacturer even offers some tab-style products for heavier incontinence needs. Its product portfolio includes:

  • Bladder pads (very light to overnight)

  • Hygienic wipes (flushable and non-flushable)

  • Pull-up underwear (light to overnight), including gender-specific options

  • Tab-style briefs (light to overnight)

  • Underpads

You can choose from dozens of Prevail products on Carewell’s website.

How do Prevail Products Work?

Most Prevail products are designed to absorb urine due to incontinence. They provide discreet undergarments and pads to keep the user clean, dry, and comfortable. They also offer wipes to clean skin surfaces that come into contact with urine to prevent irritation and skin breakdown.

Prevail Pros and Cons

There are over a dozen features customers say they appreciate about Prevail products. 

Pros of Prevail briefs include: 

  • Breathability: A moisture barrier at the core of Prevail briefs lets the skin breathe for max comfortable. They even have a ventilated waistband and side panels.

  • Easy-lock fasteners: These tabs are extra strong to keep briefs in place without tearing.

  • Doublesorb layers: Two cores provide extra absorbency for leaks.

  • Microclimate care: This feature helps stimulate an ideal skin temperature to keep your loved one’s skin in great condition.

Pros of Prevail pull-ups include:

  • AirMax layer: Absorbent barrier in the core that allows air, heat, and humidity to escape 

  • Omni-Odor Guard: This neutralizes the ammonia in urine to prevent odors and comes with all Prevail absorbent products.

  • Dri-Fit: Quick-drying fabric helps you feel dry all day or night. This feature also is available in their briefs.

  • QUICK WICK with MaxSoft: Wick wetness away from the body while keeping the top layer soft.

Cons of Prevail products include:

  • Modern and higher cut: Some Prevail products fit higher on the hip than similar incontinence products from other manufacturers. If you or a loved one prefers full coverage, consider looking at other brands.

  • Absorbency level: If managing heavy incontinence or extensive overnight support, evaluate multiple brand options. Many people use Prevail products for light or moderate incontinence with regular replacement. Some families might prefer higher levels of absorption and fewer changes.

Key Features 

Prevail Pads

  • These come in a range of absorbency levels to fit any need, including light incontinence, overnight support, or menstrual pads.

Prevail Male Guards

  • A Carewell customer favorite for men with light incontinence, this product includes an odor guide and a silent cloth-like backing.

Prevail Daily for Women Pull-Ups 

  • This pull-up includes a design made for women with a form-fitting shape.

Prevail Daily for Men Pull-Ups

  • Designed for a man’s body shape, this pull-up will fit your loved one’s form while in use throughout the day or night.

Prevail Bariatric Briefs with Tabs 

  • Ideal for people who wear larger sizes and experience heavy incontinence, this product fits waists up to 100 inches.

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Briefs 

  • This adult diaper protects throughout the day for people who have ongoing leaks from incontinence.

Prevail Total Care Underpads

  • These wildly popular products boast perfect 5-star reviews and protect car seats, furniture, or wheelchairs from moisture.

Prevail Adult Wipes

  • Developed by skin experts, these wipes include lotion with aloe and vitamin E. You can use them for incontinence cleanup and no-rinse showers alike.

Who is Prevail for?

Products from Prevail are designed to help people with incontinence live with comfort and dignity. They are created by experts with deep skincare knowledge, resulting in briefs, pads, and underwear that help your loved one stay healthy.

Hear it From Caregivers

Here are some things Carewell customers say about Prevail products:

  • “I get to feel like a lady again!” 

  • “Most comfy, I don’t get hot!” 

Commonly Asked Questions

1) Which side is the back?

You can find the back of Prevail underwear by looking for the size. It’s labeled just like the size on regular underwear.)

2) Which ones have the gel?

MaxSorb gel is the polymer blend inside every Prevail product. If you’re looking for pads with gel in them, Prevail is the brand to choose.

3) Are these hypoallergenic?

Yes, all Prevail products are fully hypoallergenic.

4) What are Maxsorb gel, Doublesorb layers, etc.?

These are all names of features in specific Prevail products. To learn more about these features and how they can keep your loved one comfortable, visit the Prevail catalog.


If you are a caregiver seeking to keep your loved one with incontinence comfortable and dry, Prevail is a consistent fan favorite. Choose from fitted options and special features designed to keep the skin dry and clean at an affordable price.

Need Help?

Have questions about any of the products listed in this round-up or about incontinence products in general? Our Caregiving Specialists are here to help 24/7 in English and Spanish. Email support@carewell.com or call (800) 696-CARE.

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