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Monitoring your family’s health and wellness is a top priority, especially if a loved one is feeling ill. That’s why we offer all the tools you need to make sure your loved ones are happy and healthy. Whether a loved one is managing diabetes or you just has a cold and needs their temperature taken, we have the supplies your family needs.

My loved one has diabetes. How can I monitor their blood glucose levels?

Managing diabetes can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Fortunately, we offer everything you need to keep track of your loved one’s wellness.

If you’re managing diabetes, you’ll want to test blood glucose levels regularly. Stay stocked up with test strips, lancets, prep pads, and monitors, so your loved ones’ blood glucose levels are never too high or too low.

To measure a loved one’s blood glucose level, you’ll need three key supplies: test strips, lancets, and a blood glucose meter. All you need to do is prick the skin with the lancet, place blood onto the test strip, and insert the test strip into the meter. Tired of buying diabetic supplies separately? Our self-monitoring kits include everything you need to manage your blood glucose level. Visit our diabetic supplies page for more products and information.

Is my temperature healthy?

Keeping track of temperature is vital if a loved one is sick. Not sure if your loved one is facing a cold or the flu? Sustained higher temperatures typically mean the flu, whereas lower temperatures are more likely to indicate a simple cold. Our thermometers are perfect for taking quick temperature and making sure your family stays healthy.

Not sure if body temperature is normal? A good rule of thumb is that standard temperature is usually between 97-99 degrees, though this number can change depending on how active you are, the time of day, age, or your diet. For babies and children, you can expect a higher range (about 97.9-100.4 degrees).  If you or your loved one has an abnormally high temperature, you’ll want to see a doctor.

What other meters do you offer?

We want to make sure you have the tools you need to keep you and your loved ones healthy. That’s why we offer everything from blood pressure bups to fingertip pulse oximeters. Have other healthcare needs? Browse our other products like medicines and treatments, first aid, and gloves!