Between 11-34% of older men have urinary incontinence, according to the National Library of Medicine. And up to a third of men with incontinence experience daily symptoms.

Male incontinence is often caused by medical conditions like prostatitis, prostate cancer, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but it can also happen because of damage or injury to the muscle or nerve.

Preventing leaks altogether may not be possible, but high-quality incontinence underwear can protect the skin, boost confidence, and help the wearer stay clean and dry. To make the search a little easier, we’ve created this round-up of the best incontinence underwear for men. 

What Is Incontinence Underwear for Men?

Incontinence underwear for men refers to specially-designed pull-ups or diapers that support the male anatomy. They have an absorbent lining in the front of the crotch area and come in colors like blue, grey, and black. 

How We Chose the Products on This List

The products on this list of the best incontinence underwear for men are a mix of our “highest-rated” and “best-selling” items.

Under each entry, we’ve highlighted real customer or user feedback with the header:  Hear it from a Caregiver/User.

The Best Incontinence Underwear for Men

1) TENA ProSkin Protective Incontinence Underwear for Men, Maximum Absorbency

This men’s incontinence underwear from TENA provides maximum protection against moderate to heavy leakage. The breathable top sheet and built-in ConfioAir technology promote airflow and trap odors. The cloth-like backing feels like regular underwear and fits discreetly under shorts, jeans, or sweats. 

Key Benefits & Features:

  • The dark, masculine design fits like regular underwear

  • Contains effective odor and leakage protection

  • Includes ConfioAir 100% breathable technology

Hear it from a Caregiver: “It took nearly 2 years and several tries with other products, but now my husband can comfortably wear and feel protected with this product. Since it is more like a pair of underwear, he wears them any time we will be away from home for long periods of time. This has been a lifesaver and has kept embarrassing moments from happening again!!” - Carla R. 

Hear it from a User: “I use the Tena Proskin underwear at night and the Tena Dry Comfort for [the] day. These have been the best for the price that I have found, they are a quality product and fit me well. I have been wearing incontinence underwear for over 3 years and have tried many brands. Tena has been the best fitting product for me.” - Philip S. 

Hear it from a User: “Perfect fit and comfortable to wear at night.” - Mark R.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Excellent product. Super durable! And [a] great fit! Will continue to purchase.” - Grace S. 

2) CareFor Ultra Men’s Underwear

This reusable incontinence underwear from CareFor is made from 100% cotton and has a fully functioning fly front. There’s even a sewn-in absorbent incontinence pad that’s machine washable. 

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Masculine styling

  • Looks and feels like regular men’s underwear

  • The entire garment is machine washable

3) Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

These incontinence underwear from Tranquility are our best-selling overnight product. Though advertised as unisex, the unique design supports the male anatomy and helps channel high-volume urine or bowel voids to the core.

The built-in odor control technology neutralizes the ammonia in urine, keeping your skin healthy and rash-free.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Perfect for heavy or overnight incontinence needs

  • Made in the USA

  • The absorbent Peach Mat Core keeps skin dry and reduces odors

Hear it from a Caregiver: “These are the only ones I have found that will fit my husband. The ones Walmart and other stores have that have the same size as these XL are just too small.” - Helen B. 

Hear it from a Caregiver: “After using these a friend recommended them [to] my husband. I couldn’t be more pleased. With an added booster pad he sleeps all night with no leaks.” - Louis B. 

Hear it from a Caregiver: “The Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-ups are the best overnight diapers we've found. We put a pair of SaniPants over the Tranquility diaper and no leaks! It's so nice not having to wash bedding every day!” - Cynthia K. 

Hear it from a User: “The Tranquility Overnight Underwear is the best I've found by far. I wear the Overnights for both Day and Night. They protect very well, with no leaks, no matter how heavy my output.” - Michael H.

4) TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear

This highly absorbent incontinence underwear from TENA is designed for overnight use. They have a core with overnight Lie Down Protection that draws moisture away from the skin and helps maintain the skin’s pH balance.

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, like contact dermatitis, these incontinence underwear are the product for you. They’ve received a third-party endorsement from the Skin Health Alliance Council. 

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Pad is wider at the back, offering increased protection when lying down

  • Pulls on and off just like regular underwear

  • Conforms to the curves of your body for an ergonomic fit

Hear it from a Caregiver: “These are very absorbent and have assisted (in tandem with the new heavy absorbent pads) to reduce my laundry load per day tremendously!” - Deborah P.  

Hear it from a Caregiver: “After trying several different brands of overnight pull ups for my husband, I'm hopeful I've finally found one that will work for the foreseeable future. Although leaks are inevitable, the protection and absorbency of this product have been the best so far.” - Carmen G. 

Hear it from a User: “Very easy to put on and the side tear easily for removal.” - Arthur P.

5) Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear, Maximum

Image Not Available

Rounding out our list of best incontinence underwear for men is Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear.

This underwear comes in sizes small to 2XL and is made from a hypoallergenic SkinSmart fabric containing aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E. They look and feel like regular underwear and hug the contours of your body. Plus, the MaxSorb Gel technology locks in moisture, keeping you fresh, clean, and dry.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Designed for extra leakage protection and can hold 1-2 full voids

  • The unisex design supports both male and female anatomy

  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Having a special needs kiddo who’s older is challenging when it comes to potty time so these have been a lifesaver. I bought a size too big accidentally but they still worked like a charm. Have to keep these on reorder.” - Shawn B. 

Hear it from a User: “Great product. Will order again!” - Michael M. 

Hear it from a User: Great fit. Traps leakage. Comfortable.” - George M. 

Hear it from a Caregiver: “My husband really likes them.” - Aldonna G. 

How to Choose Incontinence Underwear for Men

Before selecting incontinence underwear for men, think about the following things:

  • Level of Protection - How much incontinence protection do you or your loved one need? Some incontinence underwear is for mild to moderate leaks, while others provide overnight protection and/or support for bowel incontinence.

  • Product material - Most incontinence underwear is made from soft, clothlike materials, but not all. Is that important to you? Or are you okay with something bulkier?

  • Color - Often, incontinence underwear for men features darker colors, such as black, blue, or grey.

  • Skin sensitivity - Exposure to urine and fecal matter increases the risk of diaper rash, yeast infections, and other skin problems. If you’re concerned about these issues, choose incontinence underwear infused with ingredients like aloe or vitamin E. 

Commonly Asked Questions

1) How is men’s incontinence underwear different from women’s?

The main difference between men’s incontinence underwear and women’s is where the absorbent padding is located. 

Men’s incontinence underwear tends to have an extra lining in the front, near the crotch. Whereas women’s incontinence underwear has extra lining in the bottom and back. 

2) Can men’s incontinence underwear hold feces and urine?

It depends. Every incontinence product is different. 

When browsing men’s incontinence underwear on our website, look for labels like “absorbency” and “incontinence type” in the product description. If you still have questions about a specific type of incontinence underwear, contact our Care Specialists any time!

3) Is there any way to make incontinence underwear more absorbent?

Yes! You can make your incontinence underwear more absorbent by adding a booster pad. Booster pads provide extra protection, so you can feel confident at work, while running errands, or doing other routine tasks. 


Finding a brand of men’s incontinence underwear that meets all your needs isn’t always easy. So before you get started, take the time to write down everything you’re looking for, including color, material, and the level of protection provided. 

Have Questions About Men’s Incontinence Underwear?

Familiarizing yourself with incontinence products can be intimidating, but we can make it easier! Our friendly Caregiving Specialists speak English and Spanish and can make personalized recommendations based on your needs. Call (855) 855-1666 or send an email to

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