Caregiver of the Year: Family Advocate & Nurturer Beatrice A.

Sophie Bebeau

Written by Sophie Bebeau on Fri Feb 17 2023.

Caregiver of the Year: Family Advocate & Nurturer Beatrice A.

Caregiver: Beatrice A.

She's Caring for: Her son, her mother, and her father

Best tip for other caregivers: Enjoy the time you get to spend with your family. You never know how long you have left. 

A Lengthy Care Journey

Beatrice's caregiving journey began 17 years ago when her son was born with Down syndrome. Over the years, she’s helped empower her son to be the very best version of himself without any limits. Not only does Beatrice care for her son, but she also provides care for her mother, who has advanced dementia, and her father, who was seriously ill with a gallbladder infection and sepsis in 2022. 

Despite having tremendous responsibilities, she embodies a positive attitude and takes on each challenge with grace and resilience. She shows incredible strength daily as she juggles all the demands of caretaking while keeping her family safe, happy, and healthy as a single mother. 

Leaving the Corporate World for Caregiving

Beatrice worked in the corporate world for many years, however, the high level of care that each of her family members needed led her to leave her job and move to full-time caregiving in 2021. Though financial hardship has followed, Beatrice remains devoted to giving her family members all the time, resources, and attention they need to live their best lives, even using her savings to stay afloat. Family and friends note that without her unmatched dedication to caring for her parents and son, they may not have survived the many health challenges they have faced.

A Real-life Superhero

Carewell’s team and ambassador judges selected Beatrice for the Caregiver of the Year Award because she is a perfect example that there are no limits to love, compassion, and generosity when it comes to your family. Her actions speak volumes about the kind of person she is — a selfless superhero with a heart of gold. Even when faced with immense difficulties, she has found the strength and courage to take up the challenges put forward by life and continually fights for the betterment of her loved ones. Beatrice's sheer dedication is truly awe-inspiring!

As one of her family members said, “Medicines may heal the body, but the kindness in Beatrice’s heart heals the soul.”

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