A Mother's Love: Marie's Caregiving Story

Sophie Bebeau

Written by Sophie Bebeau on Wed Jan 04 2023.

A Mother's Love: Marie's Caregiving Story

Caregiver: Marie C.

She's Caring for: Her son, Erick

Best tip for other caregivers: Look for money-saving caregiving solutions to ease financial stress

A Parent's Dedication

In 2016, Marie experienced a tragedy no parent ever wants to face - her son Erick sustained a 

severe spinal cord injury and was left needing significant daily care. After his accident, Marie dedicated herself to Erick's care and recovery. Commuting to hospital visits and therapy, assisting with mealtimes, baths, and toileting, and getting creative with solutions without an accessible home or vehicle all became part of regular life for Marie, who eventually left her job to focus full-time on Erick's recovery.

"At one point, I was unable to sit up on my own, feed myself, among other tasks that would seem simple to any other person," explains Erick, "Over time, I've made great improvement thanks to the sacrifice of a very amazing individual."

Caregiving & Rising Healthcare Costs

Like many caregivers, one of the many sacrifices Marie and her family have made is having financial security. 

In the U.S., over 48 million unpaid family caregivers give their time and resources to their loved ones each year. According to a 2021 AARP caregiving study, the average family caregiver spends a quarter of their annual income on caregiving expenses. Medical bills, home and vehicle modifications, medical supplies and devices, and caregiving necessities add up fast, and most family caregivers report being overwhelmed by the financial toll.

"After discovering the costs of my healthcare supplies, my mom set out to find a better solution," says Erick. "This led her to Carewell.com. We've been able to significantly reduce monthly costs by using your website, thanks to her."

Because of Marie's commitment to finding solutions and savvy shopping at Carewell, Erick reports that they can now afford the right supplies to handle catheter replacement from home in case of emergencies.

Going Above & Beyond

"Knowing she hasn't given up on me motivates me to keep making progress," Erick says of his mother. "Marie put her life on hold to make sure my journey to independence was a priority."

Erick describes his mother as going "above & beyond" for her children no matter how old they get, working to help his younger sister battle anxiety and depression while being a full-time caregiver. Because of Marie's dedication, Erick continues to make big strides in his recovery.

"Her goal is to see her children succeed no matter what. She's literally our family's guardian angel."

Share Your Story 

We believe in highlighting caregivers' stories and all of the incredible work caregivers do on a daily basis. If you want to share, please reach out to our Care Team at (800) 696-CARE or email support@carewell.com.

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