Two-Time Alzheimer’s Caregiver Creating Supportive Dementia Community: Veronica’s Story

Nate Birt

Written by Nate Birt on Thu Dec 22 2022.

Veronica S.'s caregiving story

Caregiver: Veronica S.

She’s caring for: Her mother, who has Alzheimer’s

Best tip for other caregivers: Recognize the hope you can experience - and give to other caregivers like you - with the gift of love and laughter.

Her Care Journey

Back-to-back Alzheimer’s diagnoses changed Veronica’s life forever and set her on the path to helping other families that support loved ones with dementia. She has served as a primary and often sole caregiver for over eight years. Her journey began with her grandmother’s diagnosis; less than a year later, her mother was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

What makes Veronica stand out is her warmth, compassion, and humor, says Kitty Norton, a friend, and former dementia family caregiver. Although her grandmother has since passed, Veronica’s love for her mother and passion for other caregivers has never been stronger. As a result of her experience, she started a nonprofit, Dementia Care Warriors, to help younger (and young-at-heart) caregivers who selflessly sacrifice their lives and financial futures to care for loved ones. 

Uplifting Families Facing Dementia

Her commitment to supporting the dementia community has blossomed to include educational seminars, virtual happy hour caregiver support groups, and monthly Titan Tuesdays talks with caregiver experts.

“She has also advocated far and wide to improve the lives of all living this swinging dementia lifestyle,” says Kitty. “She has served on the board of the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and Your Brain Matters women's initiative leadership committee. She currently serves on the board of directors of Community Council of Greater Dallas and AWARE Dallas and is a member of the Dallas Area Agency on Aging Advisory Board.”

Serving Those in Need

Caregiving can be tiring and thankless, yet Veronica continues to help and uplift those around her. For that reason, her loved ones seek to recognize her and buoy her spirits.  

“Veronica speaks up for the voiceless,” Kitty shares. “I would be thrilled if Carewell spoke for her, honoring her for her service, not just to her mother and grandmother, but to caregivers everywhere.”

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Nate Birt
Nate Birt

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