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About Overnight Tab Diapers

Overnight diapers for adults with tabs are the perfect solution for anyone who experiences incontinence throughout the night, and is looking for a way to stay dry and comfortable. Enjoy peace of mind and less nighttime changes -- meaning more sleep for you. Designed with extra absorbency, these products allow you and your loved ones to sleep happy.

Who should use overnight diapers for adults with tabs?

Diapers with tabs are perfect for people caring for someone else. Size fasteners from back to front allow you to adjust and readjust the snugness until they fit just right, ensuring that your loved one is comfortable, snug, and dry.

But diapers with tabs aren’t just for caring for loved ones -- they’re for any person or situation where sliding a pull-up off and on would be uncomfortable, like if you’re in an airport and want to change without removing your pants. Note, though, that tab-style diapers can be tricky to put on by yourself, so unless you’re a bariatric tab-style user or have a specific reason, you’ll likely want to try an overnight pull-up style first.

Overnight diapers with tabs are also ideal if you’re looking for a 3X or 4X size, as bariatric pull-ups typically only range to 2X. Since overnight diapers with tabs can fit waist sizes up to 106”, they can accommodate many larger bodies, so you’ll never have to worry about a fit that’s too tight again. 

How do I pick the overnight diaper for adults with tabs?

Speaking of sizing, keep in mind that choosing the right size diaper with tabs is not like choosing a clothing size. For example, if you would typically wear Medium clothing, that doesn’t necessarily mean a Medium diaper with tabs would be the right fit. To find the correct size, you’ll need to measure both your waist and hips in inches, and then use the larger of the two numbers to reference the sizing guide we provide with each product.

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