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About Kitchen & Dining

Make mealtime simple, clean, and fun with our kitchen and dining products. Whether you’re hosting a get-together and need disposable supplies or are looking for sustained, long-term kitchen support, our products are here to support you and your family.

Mealtimes should always be enjoyable. That’s why we offer kitchen and dining supplies so you can stop worrying about messes and start focusing on what matters: spending time with the ones you love most.

What sort of utensils do you offer?

Whether you’re having a small party or large gathering, plastic utensils allow you to focus on your loved ones, not cleaning up. A simple, convenient alternative to traditional dishes, disposable forks, knives, and spoons are designed for easy clean-up and are perfect for get-togethers of all kinds.

How can I support my loved ones who struggle with mobility?

If your loved ones struggle with cups and spills, we offer spillproof drinkware so they can be independent and confident. Tired after a long day caring for a loved one? Our disposable cups and drinkware allow you to use items and toss them, saving you time and keeping you from washing dishes.

Have loved ones that make messes when they eat? Our bibs and aprons keep your loved ones safe against foodstuffs and even beverages. Soft and comfortable, bibs and aprons easily fasten around yourself or your loved ones, so you can enjoy mealtime again.

My loved one struggles to get out of bed. How can I make sure they still enjoy mealtime?

Many loved ones struggle with mobility. That’s why we offer carts and trays so you can easily transport food to your loved ones. Stop worrying about slips and falls and allow your loved one to enjoy food in bed, and focus on what really matters: spending time together.

Need a better solution for holding food once its in the bedroom? Our overbed tables offer a convenient, sturdy solution to keep your loved ones snug and comfortable.