The Best Perineal Cleansers for Incontinence of 2023

Sophie Bebeau

Written by Sophie Bebeau on Tue Feb 28 2023.

The Best Perineal Cleansers for Incontinence of 2023

Incontinence care comes with its own set of unique challenges. Controlling incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) can be a battle when managing incontinence. That's why perineal cleansers are an essential tool in the incontinence management toolbox. Finding the right perineal cleanser gives caregivers peace of mind knowing their loved ones are comfortable and clean.

To help you in your search, we’ve narrowed down the top perineal cleansers. Below we highlight some of our best-selling cleaners and explain what makes each one a winner in our book.

What is the Perineum, and What is a Perineal Cleanser?

The perineum is the skin between the anus and genitals. As you can imagine, this sensitive area requires sensitive care! That's why it's so important to take good care of this part of the body if you are managing incontinence care.

Anyone who wears pull-ups or adult diapers, uses a catheter, or needs extra assistance toileting is at risk of developing IAD. This happens when bacteria from urine or feces break down the skin in the genital area and cause redness, rash, burning, itching, and infected skin. IAD can even spread to the thighs and abdomen.

Perineal cleansers are specially formulated skin-cleansing products made to clean the perineum and genital area. They are ideal for those managing incontinence because they contain powerful but gentle antimicrobial cleaning ingredients, moisturizers, and skin-protecting ingredients that remove urine and feces from the skin and keep sensitive skin healthy and dry.

How to Choose a Perineal Cleanser

Perineal cleansers will share these main properties:

  • pH balanced

  • Non-drying antiseptic cleaning power

  • Gentle, moisturizing ingredients

  • No-rinse formula

Beyond these four criteria, choosing a perineal cleanser comes down to personal preference. Things that vary will be scent, type of bottle, and type of moisturizing ingredients. Like most peri-care products, many caregivers like to test out a few different things to find the one they like best.

How We Chose the Perineal Cleansers on this List

We rely on product research and caregiver/user feedback when making our product round-up lists. 

The products you'll see on this list are some of Carewell's best-selling perineal cleansers backed up by caregiver and user reviews.

The Best Perineal Cleansers for Incontinence

1) Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash, Liquid & Foam 

Image of Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash, Liquid product front
Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash, Liquid

Price: $194.99

This pick is a two-for-one because it comes in both liquid and foam options. The liquid cleanser comes in a traditional spray bottle, and the foam option comes in a foam pump bottle. Added bonus - the foam cleanser is multi-purpose and can be used as an all-over body wash and shampoo!

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Clean, citrus scent

  • pH balanced

  • No-rinse

  • Contains non-drying and moisturizing collagen, soothing aloe, and other natural botanical ingredients

  • Odor-eliminating formula

  • Comes in liquid form in a spray bottle or foam in a foam pump bottle

Hear it from a Caregiver: "The scent is not over-powering. This is the only perineal wash that seems to cleanup without putting too much pressure on tender spots. Sometimes I rinse, sometimes I don't. I have had no negative results either way. Good product to use on every change." - Julianne J.

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Get a great & quick cleanup and with a good odor. It is a blessing for those unexpected accidents when you are out and really when you can't afford to lose time 🙏 and need to keep your composure. Good solid advice and great for that quick clean-up." - Wilma C.

Hear it from a Caregiver: Awesome stuff! I use it every time I clean mom up. She loves the light foam, and I don't have to rub her so hard. It has a great, light scent too. I use several times a day." - Pamela E.

2) DermaRite PeriFresh Rinse-Free Perineal Cleanser with Aloe Vera

DermaRite PeriFresh Rinse-Free perineal cleanser is another caregiver favorite, as it comes in a large gallon jug so you can fill your own spray bottles. This is a more environmentally-friendly option and allows you to select and size and type of spray bottle that you prefer.

This perineal cleanser is rinse-free, pH balanced, and made with aloe vera to soothe irritated skin, leaving the skin clean and lightly scented.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Light, fruit scent

  • pH balanced

  • No-rinse

  • Contains non-drying, soothing aloe

  • Deodorizing formula

  • Comes in a gallon jug

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Amazing Product-Amazing Results!!! Congratulations and thank you for such an awesome product, that has truly exceeded all of my expectations 👏 👏👏" - Donna D.

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Love it, I use it multiple times to clean my mother (86 yr old & bedridden) Def plus when caring for bed sores as it's non irritating." - Damaris R.

3) 3M Cavilon No Rinse Skin Cleanser

3M Cavilon No Rinse cleanser is another great incontinence cleanser with gentle, moisturizing ingredients plus Dimethicone, which helps create a soothing barrier between the skin and diaper or pull-up. This cleanser also comes in a trigger spray bottle instead of a pump spray bottle.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Light, floral scent

  • pH balanced

  • No-rinse

  • Contains non-drying, moisturizing ingredients

  • Contains protective skin barrier ingredients

  • Deodorizing formula

  • Comes in an easy-to-use trigger spray bottle

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Excellent for incontinence clients!!!! Swear by it." - Julia B.

4) McKesson Perineal and Skin Cleanser

McKesson Perineal and Skin Cleanser
McKesson Perineal and Skin Cleanser

Price: $6.49 - $63.49

Many caregivers are familiar with the McKesson brand because they are a leader in making quality caregiving products. Their perineal cleanser is no exception! This is a no-rinse, pH-balanced cleanser that gently cleans and soothes skin with aloe and three different skin-nourishing vitamins.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Fresh scent

  • pH balanced

  • No-rinse

  • Contains non-drying, moisturizing aloe, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

  • Odor-eliminating

  • Comes in an 8oz pump spray bottle or a gallon jug to refill your own bottle

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Great Skin Cleanser! Cleans very well without added water as a rinse. No odors after using this skin cleanser. Nice floral clean smell. I purchase the gallon jug and just refill spray bottles that I keep in both of my bathrooms and use it all the time. Very glad I found this skin cleanser!" - Halle V.

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Fast acting to remove odors. This is my very first time to use any perineal cleansing products by McKesson. I must say it will not be my last. I am glad I brought both the 8 oz. bottle & the gallon size bottle. This product does a great job at dissolving odors & leaving a pleasant smell. And all without water. I highly recommend this cleanser." - A.R.B.

5) Sensi-Care Perineal Wash

Options: 4 oz - 1 Each
Sensi-Care Perineal Wash

Price: $9.99 - $164.99

Sensi-care Perineal Wash is a great option for anyone who is sensitive to scented products or simply doesn't like fragrance. This is a pH-balanced cleanser with a gentle no-rinse formula containing moisturizing and skin-nourishing collagen and aloe.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Unscented

  • pH balanced

  • No-rinse

  • Contains non-drying, moisturizing aloe and collagen

  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria from urine and feces

  • Comes in an 8oz or 4oz pump spray bottle

Hear it from a Caregiver: "Love it I have extremely sensitive skin and this works wonderfully. No stinging & no itching" - Marcia K.

6) Baza Cleanse and Protect Skin Protectant One-Step Perineal Lotion (Scented & Unscented)

Baza Cleanse and Protect perineal lotion is a great option for those needing extra help combating red, chafed, irritated skin. This cleanser both cleans and soothes and uses 2% dimethicone to create an effective, non-drying barrier between the skin and diapers or pull-ups.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Comes in both scented and unscented options

  • pH balanced

  • No-rinse

  • Contains non-drying, moisturizing ingredients

  • Contains protective skin barrier ingredients

  • Odor-eliminating formula

  • Comes in a trigger spray bottle

Hear it from a Caregiver: "First introduced to this product by my husband's nurse. She said the product is given out when pts are discharged and that it is a great product. She is so RIGHT!" - Carolyn B.

How To Choose a Perineal Cleanser for Incontinence

Before selecting a perineal cleanser for incontinence, it is important to consider the following:

  • Skin Sensitivity - If you or a loved one’s skin is sensitive to specific ingredients, choose a cleanser free of whatever causes irritation. 

  • Form - Perineal cleansers come in many different forms - from lotions to soapy solutions to no-rinse sprays. Choose one that will work best for you or your loved one’s skin and accommodate your situation. 

  • Scent - The scent of a cleanser can make or break your experience using it. If you or your loved one find strong smells overwhelming, opt for an unscented cleanser.

Common Asked Questions

1) Do I need any other supplies to apply a perineal cleanser?

You will want to keep a soft washcloth or adult wipes on hand for gentle cleaning to ensure the perineal cleanser is evenly applied to all the necessary areas.

2) Can I use perineal cleansers all over my body?

While perineal cleansers are gentle and skin-safe, they are not recommended as a full body wash unless specified. For a good no-rinse full-body cleansing option, try no-rinse bath wipes.

3) How do I apply a perineal cleanser?

Check out our article on perineal cleansers for an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide and video.

Need Help Choosing a Perineal Cleanser?

While all good perineal cleansers have similar key features, you may need a little extra help choosing which cleanser best fits your situation. If you have questions about perineal cleansers and need help selecting a product, one of our friendly Care Specialists would be happy to talk to you!

Reach out to our Caregiving Specialists anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (800) 696-CARE, email, or click the live chat feature at the bottom of the page. We are passionate about serving caregivers with the best possible products and education and would love to help you find something that works for you!

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