Bowel incontinence affects up to one in 12 adults, but it’s rarely talked about. This can make it difficult to get recommendations on trusted incontinence products that will provide adequate protection for yourself or a loved one. 

To help make the research process a little easier, we’ve created this round-up of the best adult diapers for bowel incontinence. Below, we highlight some of our best-selling diapers and explain what makes each selection so unique.

What are Adult Diapers for Bowel Incontinence?

Adult diapers are incontinence products with adjustable tabs. Like regular underwear, they’re worn under the clothing but are bulkier than pull-ups. 

Diapers that support bowel incontinence are typically thicker and more absorbent than diapers for urinary incontinence. Most offer 12 hours of protection, making them ideal for overnight use.

How We Chose the Products on This List

The products featured in our list of the best adult diapers for bowel incontinence are a mix of our “highest-rated” and “best-selling” items.

Under each entry, we’ve highlighted real customer or user feedback with the header:  Hear it from a Caregiver/User.

The Best Adult Diapers for Bowel Incontinence

1) Prevail Per-Fit 360 Daily Adult Diapers with Tabs, Maximum Plus

Prevail’s Per-Fit 360 briefs have a unisex design that supports heavy incontinence. These diapers have Expandex wings, a unique feature allowing you to tailor the fit of the product to your or your loved one’s body.

The diapers hold several voids, and their absorbent core wicks moisture away from the skin. Plus, the 360 breathable zones promote good airflow, keeping odors at bay.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Supports heavy incontinence (bowel and urine)

  • Dri-Fit technology locks in moisture and keeps the skin dry

  • Provides hours of protection

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Use these diapers for my 26-year-old disabled daughter. Love this product!!!! Comfortable and absorbent. Thank you Carewell!🥰” - Diana

Hear it from a Caregiver: “These are for my partner. He says he is very satisfied. They fit very well.” - Michael M.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Good fit and absorption. [My] client felt dryer than other products used.” - Cheryl D. 

2) Tranquility Adult Diapers with Tabs Disposable All-Through-The-Night, Maximum

These diapers provide up to eight full hours of bowel incontinence protection, making them ideal for overnight use. The adjustable tabs and Advanced Peach Mat Core draw liquid to the center, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. 

The soft, stretchy side panels make adjustments a breeze, and the wetness indicator on the back alerts you when the diaper is full. 

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Designed for severe incontinence

  • Perfect for people who are wheelchair users or bedbound

  • The dor guard neutralizes smells

  • Leg guards prevent leaks and keep fecal matter from making contact with the skin

Hear it from a Caregiver: “The Tranquility Diapers with tabs are very easy to put on. The tab is easy to open which is especially nice for those with arthritis in their hands. I have found that the tabs on other diapers are difficult to open making the diaper difficult to put on. 

This diaper has a great liquid-holding capacity. As a caregiver, I use this diaper along with an extra pad for overnight use. Ease of use, ease of mind!” - Diane F.

Hear it from a User: “Fully absorb everything. Wore them under slacks and had a nice fit. Odor resistance 100%!” -Bernadette W.

Hear it from a User: “Very comfortable and absorbent, tabs hold very well and stay in place even after tossing and turning all night long. Probably the best-made poly backer with tabs on the market. Highly recommend buying them even if you're not sleeping in them.” - Daj S.

3) Attends Adult Diapers with Tabs, Heavy

Attends Adult Diapers with Tabs, Heavy

Price: $11.86 - $53.30

Attends diapers with tabs have a unisex design, offering protection and comfort. Like many of the other diapers on this list, they feature a super absorbent core and breathable side panels to enhance airflow.

What sets these diapers apart is the soft, cloth-like material they’re made from. The fabric is easy on the skin and reduces the risk of diaper rash and irritation. It’s similar to regular underwear, like a pull-up (incontinence brief).

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Maximum protection for heavy bowel incontinence

  • Breathable side panels and confidence cuff protection to prevent leakage

  • Super absorbent core draws liquid away from the skin

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Great fit, works great for my special needs nephew. Holds fluid well.” - Sarah T.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “I like the quality and size of the diapers.

They were easy to put on my husband who had been bedridden for over a month with bone cancer. It was very painful for him to be moved and this product with the tabs was so much better than the briefs we had been using.” - Deborah P.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “The diapers are great! I am so happy I purchased them. I only purchased the pack of 24 because I wanted to make sure there were no nighttime leaks. And so far there were no leaks, and I will continue to purchase the diapers. This time I will purchase the 96 pack; therefore it could last longer.” - Shemekwah P.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “By far the best diaper for my bedridden mother.” - Lisa M.

4) Tranquility Air-Plus Bariatric Disposable Adult Diapers with Tabs, Maximum

These bariatric diapers are perfect for people with larger bodies (4-5XL). They hold heavy urine and bowel incontinence and have wetness indicators, so you know when the diaper is full. The Peach Mat Core locks in moisture and odors, keeping the wearer comfortable, confident, and secure.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Perfect for people with waists between 70-108 inches

  • High-rise fit with extra fabric in the front and back for leak protection

  • Provides hours of protection (great for overnight use)

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Tranquility Air Plus is a great product. The breathability and fit are fantastic. They adjust easily for a perfect fit and zero leakage.” - Suzanne G. 

Hear it from a Caregiver: “The disposable diapers are an indispensable part of my wife's care. They fit well, are function well. We will be using them again and again. The product was delivered promptly and accurately.” - Don D.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “The diapers were just the right fit for my husband and they are very easy to use and they didn't cut into him or break him out like others we used.” - Stephanie B.

5) Prevail AIR Overnight Stretchable Adult Diapers with Tabs

Last but certainly not least is the AIR overnight adult diaper with tabs from Prevail. 

These diapers provide overnight protection for even the heaviest fecal voids. The unique AirMax material traps wetness inside the diaper’s core while allowing heat and humidity to escape. The cotton and synthetic fibers blend feels like fabric and is comfortable against the skin.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Multiple hours of urine and bowel protection

  • Dri-Fit technology keeps the skin comfortable, dry, and free of irritation

  • Expandex technology ensures a secure, leak-free fit

Hear it from a Caregiver: “These are excellent and keep my Mother dry all night, even when she is sleeping too deeply to let us know she needs to be changed.” - Nova Y.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Good product and comfortable! Thank you for [the] great customer service. Prevail is the best!! My dad loves them.” - L. A.

Hear it from a Caregiver: I have a 7-year-old that is about 60 lbs. He has overnight feeds so he is getting a lot of liquid at night. We’ve tried numerous other overnight diapers but these don’t leak no matter how wet he is in the morning. Although they are really large on him, the stretch wide tabs allow us to get a nice snug fit and good fit around his skinny thighs. So thankful that he isn’t waking up uncomfortable and not having a ton of laundry to do.” - Karen B.

Hear it from a Caregiver: “Just what was needed for my sister who is bedridden. Very good quality & arrived quickly. Much appreciated!” - Susan B. 

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How to Choose an Adult Diaper for Bowel Incontinence

Before selecting an adult diaper for bowel incontinence, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

  • Containment - Diapers for heavy incontinence, and more specifically, bowel incontinence, have special leg cuffs or “gathers” that draw urine and stool to the center. Additionally, diapers for bowel incontinence have extra absorbent material in the backing and side panels. 

  • Absorbency - Absorbency refers to how much urine or stool an incontinence product can hold before it soils clothing, bedding, or furniture. Adult diapers designed for bowel incontinence, like Tranquility adult diapers with tabs, provide hours of protection. As a caregiver, that means less time cleaning and changing.

  • Skin sensitivity - Do you or your loved one have sensitive skin? Long-term exposure to feces increases the risk of diaper rash, yeast infections, and other dermatological problems. Most diapers for bowel incontinence are hypoallergenic and designed for comfort.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What’s the most important consideration when buying adult diapers for bowel incontinence?

Containment is the most important consideration when buying adult diapers for bowel incontinence. To achieve containment, you need a diaper that:

  • Fits well

  • Prevents leaks

  • Contains odors

  • Is concealable under clothing

If you haven’t worn diapers before, this may take some trial and error at first. 

Unsure how to begin? Contact our Care Specialists and ask specific questions! 

2) How can I increase the absorbency of an adult diaper?

Even the best incontinence products leak occasionally. Disposable booster pads provide an extra layer of protection for those larger-than-expected accidents or voids.

3) How do I find the right size of an adult diaper for bowel incontinence?

The easiest way to find the right size of an adult diaper for bowel incontinence is to take two measurements:

  • First, measure the width of your or your loved one’s waist (just below the bellybutton)

  • Second, measure the width of your or your loved one’s hips (in inches)

Write both numbers down and compare them to the adult diaper’s “size chart”. Diaper size charts have “brackets” with waist/hip measurements. To ensure the right fit, select the size with the larger of the two numbers.

Need help sizing? Call our Care Specialists at (855) 855-1666


Finding an adult diaper that protects against bowel incontinence takes a little bit of time and effort. Before making a selection, remember to consider the three most important factors –– containment, absorbency, and skin sensitivity.

Do you still have questions? That’s okay!

Need Help?

Our Care Specialists speak English and Spanish and can make personalized recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs. Call (800) 696-CARE or send an email to

We’re committed to making your job as a caregiver easier!

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