TENA is a leader in incontinence products. This guide will help you learn more about the items TENA provides and determine if its products fit your incontinence needs or a loved one’s. 

What is TENA?

Founded over 50 years ago, this brand offers a full range of items in all absorbencies, styles, and even some skin care supplies. They include:

  • Tab-style briefs (light to overnight)

  • Pull-up underwear (light to overnight)

  • Bladder pads (very light to overnight)

  • Underpads

  • Skin care (barrier creams and cleansers, TENA bathing glove, body wash & shampoo)

  • Hygienic wipes (flushable and non-flushable)

How do TENA Products Work?

Products from TENA help people with incontinence stay comfortable and dry. They also are designed to keep skin fresh and healthy. 

Pros and Cons of TENA

TENA pros include:

  • Broad assortment: TENA is one of the only brands with a skin care line. They offer at least one product in every major category. If you enjoy TENA, many customers find it helpful to stay within the brand and use their other products.

  • Popular products: TENA Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear is among Carewell’s 10 best-selling products. 

  • Widely known: If you like purchasing brands you recognize, you’ll appreciate buying TENA from the Carewell catalog. Chances are that you’ve seen their products at major retailers such as Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

  • Higher-end and comfortable: Premium materials are a highlight of TENA products. By using high-quality materials, their products deliver dependability and comfort. 

TENA cons include:

  • Smaller sizes: TENA is known for providing a range of sizes and specializes in smaller-sized incontinence products. If you or your loved one wears larger sizes, the brand still has options, but potentially fewer than others with a broader assortment of bariatric products.

Key Features 

Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear

This super-comfortable and absorbent product is popular with those switching from Depends and offers maximum bedtime support.

TENA ProSkin Flex Maxi Adult Diapers, Maximum Absorbency

This brief features a fastenable belt making it ideal for anyone with mobility challenges. It’s fully breathable and promotes less heat build-up for a comfortable experience. 

TENA Intimates Pads

From ultra-thin and very light to heavy-duty overnight, TENA has a wide range of pads for all levels of female incontinence needs in discreet packaging.

TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Incontinence Brief

This product is ideal for loved ones who need a fit between child and adult sizes.

TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Incontinence Brief

Price: $22.00 - $72.46

TENA ProSkin Bathing Glove Wipes, Unscented

You can wear this no-rinse cleansing solution like a glove, and when finished, just throw it away. Some users like to warm these wipes in the microwave before use.

Who is TENA For?

TENA products are great for anyone with incontinence needs. Premium materials and a wide range of sizes are big selling points. The brand also sells creams, bathing gloves, and body washes. It’s a well-loved and easily recognized brand found on Carewell and in big-box stores. 

Hear it From a Caregiver

  • “If you are using depends you are totally missing out. This product does everything it says. My mom is bedridden and the tena has NEVER leaked out on bed. Depends does not come close.Customers often look to TENA as a Depends replacement.

  • “Very comfortable fit, with a higher absorbency and fewer leaks than with most other protective pull-up underwear!” TENA products are known for having a soft, gentle fabric.

  • “These adult diapers come in smaller sizes, which fit my petite, tiny mother much better.” TENA offers small sizes across their briefs. This makes them a great choice for petite customers or young adults and children who have outgrown children’s pull-ups.

Commonly Asked Questions

1) “What’s the most absorbent TENA brief?” 

The TENA Stretch Super Incontinence Brief, Super Absorbency is the most absorbent brief from this brand.

2) “What length is this pad?” 

Customers like to know how long each pad is, in inches, before ordering. To find this information on the online Carewell catalog, simply look for the SKU number. It often appears in a small rectangular box next to the image of the product at the top of the product page. The size in inches will be listed immediately above the SKU number. For example:

3) “How much barrier cream should I use?” 

You want to use a dime-sized amount. We like to say you want to “ice” the cake, not “frost” it. Otherwise, the cream can rub off on the incontinence product and make it less absorbent. This can create a barrier on the core itself, which might lead to leaks.


TENA is a popular brand among caregivers for a good reason. Its incontinence products fit a wide range of sizes, especially smaller sizes. It’s a well-known brand with additional products to support your caregiving needs. 

Need Help?

Have questions about any of the products listed in this round-up or about incontinence products in general? Our Caregiving Specialists are here to help 24/7 in English and Spanish. Email support@carewell.com or call (800) 696-CARE.

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