National Cancer Survivors Day

Jessie Ary

Written by Jessie Ary on Sun Jun 05 2022.

National Cancer Survivors Day

June 5th is National Cancer Survivors Day.  We have so many cancer survivors in our caregiving community.  We have been honored to read about caregivers caring for someone who has or had cancer, and about caregivers who are cancer survivors themselves.  We all know someone who has been affected by cancer and how much cancer survivors have fought.  Read on about these strong individuals who have battled and survived cancer.

Kim A.

Kim cares for her husband, who is a survivor of brain cancer.  His battle lasted more than 12 years, and while he is currently cancer free, he still suffers from the effects of his treatments.  Kim has been a dedicated caregiver for her husband for many years, and now continues to care for him through the COVID-19 epidemic.   

Teresa L.

Teresa cares for her mother, who is currently battling breast cancer.  Teresa supports her mother through her cancer treatments, helps her with daily activities, and is there for her emotionally.  Teresa’s family speaks on how she attends every appointment, big or small, to support her mother through such a difficult time.  

“Teresa has shown us all what it means to love unconditionally, give without expectation, and sacrifice wholeheartedly. Anyone who can give even a fraction of this dedication to another human deserves our utmost respect and admiration.”

Debra C.

Debra has been caring for her mother, “Grannie Annie”, for the last 12 years.  Debra herself is a breast cancer survivor, and serves as a caregiver for herself and for her mother.  Grannie Annie requires 24/7 care, and Debra is constantly working to improve her mother’s quality of life and support her in any way she can.  Debra has faced her own health challenges, yet still pours her heart into helping her mother as much as she can. 

“To me, The word sacrifice implies giving and going without & putting others first. Every day I see my mom sacrifice her life to take care of my Grannie.”

Take a moment today to join us in recognizing and celebrating cancer survivors and dedicated caregivers. 

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