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About Mobility & Accessories

As we age, staying mobile is important both for our bodies and for our minds. That’s why we offer a large selection of mobility aids and accessories, so you and your loved ones always have just what you need to stay independent, safe, and secure. Your loved ones can enjoy getting around on their own, and you can have peace of mind knowing they’re safe from slips and falls. Whether you’re facing a temporary mobility issues and need crutches or need sustained, long-term support, we’re here to provide the mobility aids and accessories you need to live life to the fullest.

What sort of walking aids are there?

There are many walking aids on the market, designed to keep your loved ones mobile and safe from harm. Some commonly used walking aids include:

  • Crutches, an ideal solution for short-term aid for those that still have relative strength and balance. A pair of long walking aids wedged under an arm, crutches are ideal for users who can’t lift one leg

  • Walkers provide older adults and those that struggle with mobility and balance with extra support while walking. Perfect for indoor use, walkers can help anyone that needs a little help with balance

  • Rollators, unlike walkers, are equipped with four wheels and can even be used outdoors. Many rollators come with handlebars and a built-in seat, so you or your loved ones can rest when needed

How can braces and supports help me?

Braces and supports cushion joints and body parts to prevent motion and cushion pain. With body part-specific tools, your body will be back to normal in no time. Not sure if you need braces and supports? Consult your doctor about if braces and supports could help painful joints or injuries.

How else can I be more mobile?

These days, there are tons of products designed to keep you mobile and enjoying life. If you need more mobility aids, check out our selection of bathroom aids, including shower and bath benches and commodes.

Remember, our Care Team is always here to answer questions and provide guidance, so give us a call if you need help!