Mobility Awareness Month - Meet Martha

Jessie Ary

Written by Jessie Ary on Tue May 17 2022.

Mobility Awareness Month - Meet Martha

May is Mobility Awareness Month! Many in our caregiving community face the challenge of limited mobility, making it difficult to stay healthy and active. Often caregivers themselves face mobility issues while they work to provide care for a loved one. Meet Martha G., one of our Caregiver Heroes who is a dedicated caregiver for a family member, and faces limited mobility herself.

“Martha is always there for me, regardless of what time of day and night, despite her own limitations and challenges. For several years I have had degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and declining mental health issues. She paces herself to have the energy and strength to care for me and keep the household in good shape. She's been kind and generous, no matter what was going on with her and myself. Her optimism and hope was contagious to me, so we were able to maintain a good quality of life.”

Martha’s positive outlook and dedication to providing care to her loved one and herself make her a Caregiver Hero. If you or a loved one struggles with limited mobility, know that you are not alone. We encourage you to explore our Mobility Collection, and browse our mobility blogs written by caregiving experts!

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Jessie Ary
Jessie Ary

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