Gen Z Caregiver Hero Award - His Mother’s Keeper Brandon F.

Sophie Bebeau

Written by Sophie Bebeau on Fri Feb 17 2023.

Gen Z Caregiver Hero Award - His Mother’s Keeper Brandon F.

Caregiver: Brandon F. 

He’s caring for: His mother

Best tip for other caregivers: Support groups allow you to take care of yourself and process emotions that you side aside while caregiving

A Son’s Love

Brandon was just like any other 19-year-old: attending his first year of college and living life when his mother was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia. As the condition progressed and she began to need care, Brandon dropped out of college to become her caregiver. At barely 20 years old, he became her primary caregiver, providing 24-hour care, managing her doctor appointments, and taking over all the household responsibilities she could no longer manage.

His sister, Brienna, notes that in addition to making their mom's health and happiness his number one priority, he also provided Brienna with unconditional support as she made her way through college.

Caregiving and College

Like many young adults, Brandon, now 25, is now working hard to finish his bachelor's degree, but unlike many of his peers, he also has the unique responsibility of caregiving for his mother on top of taking classes. To fill in gaps when he is at school, Brandon has had to hire additional caregiving help. 

The growing expense of outside caregiving help, medical bills, mortgage payments, and daily living costs have put an increasing financial strain on the family. But despite these challenges, Brandon still makes giving his mom the best quality of life his daily mission. 

Advocating for Others

Through his care journey, he has learned to navigate public benefits, health insurance, and patient resources and has become very familiar with frontal temporal dementia. To help others, he has joined the board of directors of a non-profit that aims to cure diseases related to mutations of the Valosin Containing Protein (VCP) gene, which causes frontal temporal dementia.

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