People’s Caregiver Hero: Sacrifice Above Self Brionne C.

Lauren Caggiano

Written by Lauren Caggiano on Fri Feb 17 2023.

People’s Caregiver Hero: Sacrifice Above Self Brionne C.

Caregiver: Brionne C.

She’s caring for: Her son

Best tip for other caregivers: Know that tasks will get easier with time. 

From Hospital to Home Care

One of the hardest things a parent can experience is seeing a child in pain or discomfort. That was the case for Brionne of Connecticut.

“I am a full-time work-from-home mom who has cared for my son since he was discharged home from Boston Children’s Hospital at 19 months old,” she says. “He was very dependent and came home on a ventilator, oxygen, tracheostomy, Gtube, and chest IV.”

When faced with these challenges, Brionne did what so many parents who lack the resources to hire help would do. She became his primary caregiver. She’s happy to share that he’s made great strides, including learning to walk. In her words, “he is my miracle boy and I have dedicated my life to seeing him flourish. There have been a lot of sacrifices, but it’s all worth it.”

Riding Life’s Waves 

Like many caregivers, Brionne is concerned about supporting her son’s needs. For instance, he needs daily supplies and equipment that are not always considered medically necessary by insurance. Maintaining mental and physical health is also challenging when so much of her time and energy is reserved for him.

Still, she keeps the faith. Her advice to other caregivers is to take one day at a time, knowing that brighter days are ahead.

“Caregiving can be very intimidating at the start, but as time goes on there will be things that once frightened you that you can now do with your eyes closed,” she says. “Be patient and hopeful that things will get better.”

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Lauren Caggiano
Lauren Caggiano

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