Family First: Gary’s Caregiver Story

Lauren Caggiano

Written by Lauren Caggiano on Thu Jan 05 2023.

Gary H caregiver

Caregiver: Gary H.

He’s caring for: His parents

Best tip for other caregivers: Don’t be afraid to get creative and find innovative ways to make your loved ones’ lives easier.

Paying It Forward

It takes a special person to go the literal distance for their loved ones who need their care and attention. That’s exactly what Gary is doing for his parents as their sole caregiver.

“I feel that my parents were amazing parents and made me the strong and confident man that I am today, so I want to give them all of the thanks and praise that I can by making their latter years special and comfortable,” Gary reflects. 

Gary rose to the challenge when he helped his parents sell their home of nearly 40 years and moved them into a two-bedroom apartment in the independent living section of a senior living community. 

As you can imagine, this was a monumental task, both emotionally and physically. Their health was declining, and his father could no longer walk without assistance or use the stairs in their home. Gary knew he needed to act in their best interest quickly. Helping them make their home in a senior living community was the right choice. Gary now has the peace of mind of knowing they’re in good hands.

Gary is still a significant part of the care team, a commitment he doesn’t take lightly. He’s mindful of enriching their lives in as many ways as possible. For instance, he makes arrangements for them to spend time with grandchildren and great-grandchildren through Zoom calls and special holiday events when possible.

A Second Set of Eyes and Ears

Looking out for them also means being a strong medical advocate. He makes a point to accompany his parents to their appointments. He asks many questions and reviews the note from each provider to ensure his parents understand everything. He also keeps in close contact with their healthcare providers via online portals and weekly text check-ins with the home healthcare providers.

Help for the Helper

Gary’s commitment and acts of service to his parents are a labor of love. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the weight on his shoulders at times. For example, he pays for most of their living and medical expenses. This reality means he seeks ways to help lighten the load — and he’s been successful. 

“This is why I was so grateful to find Carewell since their prices are so reasonable, and they come to my parents very quickly,” he says. “It has been a huge blessing to order products from Carewell given the friendliness of the staff members, the reasonable prices, the speed of delivery, and the high quality of the products.”

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Lauren Caggiano
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