Hand & Feet Wound Care

About Wound Care

Keep your loved ones healthy, hygienic, and happy with our wide selection of wound care products. Whether you’re handling a short-term injury or long-term illness, our products are the durable, convenient solution you need to better care for your loved ones. Offering products like wound paste, dressing tape, bandages and bandage scissors, betadine, and so much more, we have everything you need to stock up your medicine cabinet and keep your loved ones healthy.

How do I care for bed sores or pressure ulcers?

A common concern for caregivers, bedsores and pressure ulcers arise when your loved one is immobile and has been lying in the same place without shifting for a while. They’re common, and there are simple remedies you can do at home. Body washes and cleansers should be used regularly to accelerate healing. Most importantly, keep the wound covered with dressings, so the wound can stay dry and clean. For more advanced sores or ulcers, consider wound-specific cleansers, and extra dressings to absorb fluid.

In the future, pressure ulcers can be avoided with the proper bedding supplies, and by shifting loved ones at least once every four hours.

How do I care for other ulcers, like arterial ulcers or diabetic ulcers?

Arterial ulcers and diabetic ulcers tend to pop up in areas with lots of pressure, like legs or feet. The best way to address them is by covering the wound in wound paste and a dressing. If the ulcer has some drainage, a second gauze can be added for extra absorption.

How do I care for skin tears?

Your older loved ones are more at risk of skin tears because they tend to have more fragile skin. To treat these, non-adhesive dressings should have your loved ones back to normal in no time!

Of course, there are many different kinds of wounds that require different treatments. In most cases, the best thing to do is contact your doctor if you aren’t sure about treatments. Have questions about different products? Our expert Care Team is always happy to chat!