Body Washes & Soap

About Body Wash

Keep your loved one’s skin happy and healthy with our specially curated selection of body washes! As we age, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile, so gentle cleansers become essential for promoting skin health. Luckily, here at Carewell, we’ve hand-selected the products we know will work best for you or your loved one’s delicate skin. But our body washes aren’t just for older adults - we offer excellent body wash products for all ages.

Enjoy clean, odor-free skin with our gentle, convenient washes!

It’s hard for my loved one to take a full bath

If you have a loved one that struggles with bathing, or if it’s becoming too difficult to get them into the tub or shower, we offer no-rinse body washes so you can bathe them in bed. No-rinse body wash makes bathing simple and convenient. Your loved one can stay warm and comfortable in bed, with no risk of slips or falls. Eliminating the need for water and cold air, no-rinse body washes are also ideal for preventing dry skin.

My loved one experiences incontinence and I’m worried about their skin

Taking care of your loved one’s skin is vital, especially if they experience incontinence. At Carewell, we offer specially formulated perineal washes created specifically to wash your loved one’s under-diaper area. With gentle cleansing action and no-rinse formulas available, these washes are just what you need to keep your loved one happy and healthy.

I already have soap. Why should I use one of these washes?

Unlike generic, traditional soap, are products are specially curated for caregivers and the ones they love. Our no-rinse body washes make bathing convenient, and our perineal washes are created just for people with incontinence.

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