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Personal Care

About Personal Care

If you're a caregiver working with one of the millions of Americans who live with occasional to severe incontinence, then you may need more than adult diapers to help the person feel clean and healthy. Personal care products specific to incontinence have a variety of traits that may meet your needs. You just need to decide which options will work best for your situation.

The term personal care products can refer to any item that you use to keep a person clean. For people with incontinence, that often means finding wipes, creams, plus other products that can prevent rashes, odors, and health problems. Incontinence wipes and washcloths are some of the most popular options for staying clean. When a person has an accident, you can use these personal care products to clean any mess that makes him or her feel uncomfortable. You may also want to use personal care products that will help avoid health issues like diaper rash. Using a skin or rash cream may help prevent diaper rash and other issues that can cause pain or discomfort. In some cases, you may even need gauze pads and other wound care products that treat the sores caused by severe rashes. If you are concerned about unpleasant smells sometimes caused by incontinence, it makes sense to buy odor control products. An air freshener or deodorizer could give your client or loved one the confidence needed to enjoy time away from home.

Anyone living with incontinence should consider using personal care products. The specific products that you need will depend on the type of incontinence that your client or loved one has. For instance, if your care recipient has urinary continence, you may want to carry wipes or washcloths. If he or she has bowel incontinence, then you may need other products, such as air fresheners and rash creams.

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