Overnight Pull Up Diapers

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About Overnight Pull Up Diapers

Need overnight protection but not ready for a diaper with tabs? Overnight pull-ups provide the absorbency and protection you need, while easily sliding on and off. Active adults will find comfort in a pull-up that looks and feels like regular underwear, while still enjoying the extra absorbency of an overnight incontinence product. Overnight pull-ups, unlike tab-style diapers, have gender-specific designs, so they’ll fit your body just right. Reclaim your sleep by minimizing nighttime changes and leaks!

Can you use overnight pull-ups for daytime?

But overnight pull-ups aren’t just for nighttime wear. They’re a great daytime solution for someone who prefers a pull-up fit but needs a little more protection than typical pull-ups provide. Special Dry-Fit technology wicks away wetness, so your skin stays dry and healthy. Look for cloth-backing if you’d like something discreet (less noise!).

Who should use these?

Generally, pull-ups work best if you’re using them for yourself. If you’re taking care of someone else, you’ll probably want to try adult diapers with tabs. However, if you’re buying products for someone who is still pretty active (and either changes themself or needs lighter incontinence solutions) you’ll want to start by trying a pullup. Since many overnight pull-ups also feature a side-seam, you can remove them in the same way as a tab-style diaper if you just need a product that’s less bulky.

I have no idea what size I should buy

While sizing for incontinence products is different than sizing for clothes, the process for finding your perfect fit is simple and easy. All you need to do is to measure your waist size in inches (around the widest part of your belly), then measure your hip size in inches. Use the larger of those two numbers to read the sizing charts we put with every product, and you’ll be good to go.

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