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A Family Caregiver's Guide To Bolus Feeding

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Jul 20 2023

Up to half a million Americans get their primary nutrition through a feeding tube. There are several ways to administer liquid nutrition, but one of the most common is the bolus method. This method uses a catheter syringe to push food into a feeding tube.Read More

Sugar cubes.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Jul 31 2023

Sugary food and drinks are everywhere you turn. Even things that aren’t classified as ‘sweet’, like ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and prepacked soup, are loaded with added sugar. Read More

Woman checking man's blood pressure.

How to Check High Blood Pressure: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Jul 31 2023

High blood pressure is one of the most common health problems, affecting up to 47% of adults. If you or your loved one have high blood pressure, your doctor might have asked you to keep tabs on it at home. But how do you do that?Read More

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How To Keep Your Colon Healthy

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri Aug 11 2023

Many of us rarely think about colon health. But if your large intestine doesn’t function properly, it can affect your nutrition and bowel habits, increasing your risk of illness and digestive problems. Read More