Top 8 Pads for Bladder Leaks for Men & Women

Sophie Bebeau

Written by Sophie Bebeau on Wed Mar 13 2024.

Top 8 Pads for Bladder Leaks for Men & Women

Urinary incontinence isn't something most people want to discuss - it can make us feel self-conscious and unsure of ourselves when we're out and about. But it may help to know that a leaky bladder is actually quite common.

In fact, over 25 million Americans experience temporary or chronic urinary incontinence. And though this condition occurs most frequently in women over 50 as a normal part of aging, urinary incontinence is commonly experienced by men and people at all different stages of life.

Luckily, there is a wide range of great incontinence products on the market for all levels of incontinence and lifestyles. Incontinence pads are one of the simplest products that can help boost your confidence. Incontinence pads are made specifically for bladder leaks and are designed for a wide range of different people and situations.

Take a look at Carewell's roundup of the best pads for bladder leaks, including our picks for pads, liners, overnight options, undies, products made for men, and more.

What Are Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are small multi-layered sheets that absorb incontinence leaks. In this specific article, we'll focus on incontinence pads that target urinary incontinence. They work by drawing moisture away from your skin.

As technology develops, incontinence pads are increasingly being customized by need. Some users prefer to use lighter options, whereas others require a more heavy-duty pad. Most pads include an “acquisition layer” to allow leaks to enter the core of the material, where it can be safely stored. Odor prevention is another benefit that’s often on offer.

If you want to see how an incontinence pad absorbs liquid, you can check out this short demonstration video:

How We Chose the Best Pads for Bladder Leaks

When making our product roundup lists, we rely on product research and caregiver/user feedback. The products on this list are some of Carewell's best-selling bladder leak pads backed up by caregiver and user reviews and feedback from our customer care team.

The Best 8 Pads for Bladder Leaks

Quick Guide

1) Prevail Daily Pads: Best Overall Pad for Bladder Leaks

Prevail Daily Pads are a great overall choice for women with frequent daily light to moderate bladder leakage. The special AirMax layer allows air to pass into the core, keeping skin cool and dry, and also boasts pH-balancing Odor Guard technology, which uses a special enzyme that neutralizes acidity in the urine to eliminate odors quickly.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Made for women with frequent light to moderate bladder leakage

  • Neutralizes odors

  • Adhesive back so it doesn't move

Hear it from a caregiver

"Love the length. Not visible when wearing form fitting pants. Absorption is fine for daytime wear. I feel confident and protected while wearing the moderate, regular length pads."

- Juanitaa E.

Prevail Pads, Moderate
Prevail Pads, Moderate

Price: $3.27 - $38.17

2) TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Pads: Best Ultra Thin

The TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Pads are the best choice for those with light incontinence who are looking for a super discreet, thin pad. Not only are they 100% breathable to help protect sensitive skin, but they are also designed with triple protection – defending against bladder leaks, odor, and wetness.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • For women with light bladder leaks

  • Individually wrapped

  • Control odors and wetness for max comfort

Image Not Available

3) FitRight ActivEdge Bladder Control Pads: Best Maximum Absorbency

FitRight ActivEdge Bladder Pads provide the ultimate absorbency with a contoured design for comfortable and dependable coverage for heavy bladder incontinence. These pads have a fabric-like back sheet that doesn't crinkle or bulk up and irritate the skin.  

Key Features & Benefits:

  • For women with bladder leaks

  • Adhesive back secures it in place

  • Extra long for added protection

Hear it from a caregiver

"Great product and great service! I purchased these for my mom and she said they are the best she's ever used! And they were here in two days. Amazing! Thank you for great pricing too!"

- Pat R

4) Depend Male Guards: Best Men's Guard

Our pick for the best men's bladder leak guard is Depend Male Guards because of the contoured, cup-like design that offers protection exactly where men need it. These guards are worn with regular boxer briefs or briefs and have a strong adhesive backing so they stay in place even when the wearer is active.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • For men with moderate to heavy bladder leaks

  • The cup-like design offers protection exactly where it's needed

  • Gel-lock core provides odor control

Depend Male Guards, Maximum
Depend Male Guards, Maximum

Price: $15.30 - $30.16

5) Poise Overnight Pads: Best Overnight

Most people who experience urinary incontinence need a little extra protection at nighttime. It's especially important to find a nighttime pad you feel secure in so you can get uninterrupted rest each night. Poise Overnight Pads feature the ultimate absorbency level with extra features for nighttime use.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Back of the pad is 75% wider to keep user dry throughout the night

  • Leak-blocking sides offer added protection

  • Gel core draws in moisture

Hear it from a caregiver

"The design of the overnight pad gives increased coverage without bulk and allows easy use as extra protection. The quality is excellent, providing reliable assistance without bulk."

- Betty B

Poise Overnight Pads, Ultimate
Poise Overnight Pads, Ultimate

Price: $27.47 - $57.99

6) Cardinal Wings Knit Pants: Best Knit Undies

Cardinal Wings Knit Pants have been designed with an anatomically profiled crotch seam that strengthens pad security; high material burst strength to reduce risk of tearing, and maximum absorbency with enhanced dryness.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Unisex design

  • Ability to pull up and down like regular underwear

  • Flexible knot-woven fabric can accommodate up to 100-inch waist

Cardinal Wings Knit Pants
Cardinal Wings Knit Pants

Price: $5.66 - $84.29

7) Prevail Belted Shields: Best For Extra Secure Fit

Like other Prevail products, these belted shields also feature soft, highly absorbent materials, odor-fighting technology, and a clothlike, breathable backing. If you're particularly active or find your pads or guards moving around too much, switching to a belted option could be the right option for you.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Unisex design

  • One size fits most

  • Useful for those that lead an active lifestyle

Hear it from a caregiver

"Ships fast. So I never have to worry about running out. Does the job. Belts hold tight, and the package is sturdy when wearing it, not flimsy. Using this package gives me a bit more freedom to get further from a toilet. However, I carry an extra pair in my pocket just in case. With incontinence, we can never be sure when it will strike. These help avoid embarrassment."

- Gerald M

Prevail Belted Shields, Extra
Prevail Belted Shields, Extra

Price: $20.02 - $48.50

8) Prevail Pant Liner: Best Heavy Duty Liner

The Prevail Pant Liner strikes a perfect balance between a standalone pad and a pull-up, offering a full-length pad with heavy-duty absorbency but without the bulkiness of a pull-up or diaper. Like other Prevail products, you can expect the best gel-absorb and odor-guard technology that leaves the skin dry and fresh.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • For women with heavy incontinence

  • Cloth-like material is breathable and silent

  • Offers protection without bulkiness

Prevail Pant Liner
Prevail Pant Liner

Price: $9.67 - $73.93

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How to Choose a Pad for Bladder Leakage

As with many incontinence products, you may need to try a few different styles of products before you find what works best for you. Start by making a list of the basic things you are looking for from your incontinence protection. Some questions you can ask before purchasing an incontinence pad or liner are:

  1. What level of absorbency do I need?

  2. Do I need something for daytime, nighttime, or both?

  3. What size/length do I need?

  4. Will I be changing and disposing of the product myself or do I need help?

  5. Do I want a pad, belted liner, or knit pants? 

These questions are a good jumping-off point for selecting the right product. From there, you can experiment with what might be the best thing for your needs by trying different brands and styles.

Commonly Asked Questions

1) How Often Do They Need to Be Changed?

The advice on this will depend on the frequency and severity of your incontinence. Most pads are efficient for 3-4 hours, so the general guideline is to change them 4-6 times a day. This may seem like a lot to go through in one day, but it’s vital to stay dry for maximum comfort. Always err on the side of caution and make sure to change before a pad becomes too wet.

2) What's the difference between incontinence pads and menstrual pads

Incontinence pads and menstrual pads have different purposes and, therefore, different designs. Each has its own absorbency levels, odor control, and skin-protecting features that make them uniquely positioned to tackle their distinct purposes.

3) Can incontinence pads cause itching?

Yes. Improper use of incontinence pads can sometimes lead to painful symptoms such as itching. The itching is often a result of exposure to bacteria that are found within urine and stool.

High levels of ammonia can increase the skin’s pH level and lead to skin erosion over time. There is a condition called incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), which occurs when your skin’s protective layer is damaged. The upper thighs and genital regions are particularly vulnerable areas among incontinence sufferers.


Millions of people deal with bladder leaks, and it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Finding the right incontinence pad to help you feel comfortable, confident, and secure may take a few tries, but once you find the perfect one for your lifestyle, you'll be glad you did.

Need Help Choosing the Right Incontinence Pad?

We know that navigating the world of incontinence products can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have questions, we're here to help! Our Caregiving Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (800) 696-CARE, email, or click the live chat feature at the bottom of the page.

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