Parent Caregiver Hero - Super Mom Anna K.

Lauren Caggiano

Written by Lauren Caggiano on Fri Feb 17 2023.

Parent Caregiver Hero - Super Mom Anna K.

Caregiver: Anna K.

She’s caring for: Her son, Simon

Best tip for other caregivers: Find joy in the sweet moments of everyday connection 

One Day at a Time

Adoption has the power to transform lives on so many levels. For Anna and her husband, adopting their son Simon posed an opportunity to give a little boy a shot at a better life. “My husband and I adopted Simon in 2013,” she reflects. “He lived in a bad orphanage in eastern Europe. He weighed just 18 pounds a month before his 9th birthday due to horrible neglect.”

She knew she’d have to learn how to best care for him and adapt to life with a child with disabilities, but soon after bringing him home, she learned the learning curve was steeper than she could have imagined. Simon is non-verbal, blind, and hard of hearing, and she admits his behavior can be unpredictable and overwhelming at times. Yet she begins each day with an open mind, ready to accept what may come her way.

“As his mother and caregiver, I have learned to read his facial expressions and body gestures,” she says. “Simon is nonverbal besides noises, lip buzzing, and deep laughs at times. On a good day, he can light up the room with his laugh and smile.” 

The Physical and Mental Toll

Any caregiver will tell you that caregiving isn’t easy. Simon is entirely dependent on his parents for his basic needs. Anna supports all his daily needs, from feeding and bathing to dressing and transportation. 

As she explains, “Simon does nothing himself. It's hard to think that as I age my workload won't decrease. Simon will need me forever.”

Finding Joy, Every Day

The sweet moments, however, make it all worth it. Anna finds ways to connect with him and calm his mind and body. Being blind and hard of hearing, Simon loves music, so Anna sings to him while playing the guitar. In this way, they have created many fond memories to last a lifetime. 

According to Anna, Simon has challenged them to become more resilient people. Still, she wouldn’t trade it for anything for the world. In her words, “Being Simon's caregiver is the hardest thing I do, and I don't get many breaks from it. He deserved a life, and I lay mine down so he can live.”

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