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How To Keep Your Colon Healthy

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri Aug 11 2023

Many of us rarely think about colon health. But if your large intestine doesn’t function properly, it can affect your nutrition and bowel habits, increasing your risk of illness and digestive problems. Read More

Oats and grains.

Best Acid Reflux Foods

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri Aug 11 2023

Many people relieve acid reflux symptoms with over-the-counter medication, like antacids. These drugs provide some relief, but they aren’t a cure. The best way to make lasting change is with a healthy diet. Read More

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Boost Brand Review

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Tue Aug 08 2023

Boost is a brand that offers a variety of nutritional drinks and shakes designed to support the dietary needs of individuals with specific health conditions. Caregivers can utilize Boost's products to help support the needs of aging adults in their care. For example, Boost offers specially formulated beverages such as very high-calorie beverages, juice-type beverages, puddings for those with difficulty swallowing, and glucose control options for people with diabetes.Read More

Meal replacement powder.

Best Meal Replacement Powders of 2023

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Tue Aug 08 2023

Meal replacement powders are great options for caregivers looking to support their loved one's nutritional needs. With many varieties and flavors available, deciding which meal replacement powder to purchase can be challenging. In this guide, we've compiled a list of the best meal replacement powders in 2023 to help you make the best choice.Read More