Introducing Carewell's Own Incontinence Underwear Brand

Written by Carewell Team on Fri Mar 15 2024.

Introducing Carewell's own incontinence underwear, designed for heavy and overnight absorbency.

At Carewell, meeting our caregiving communities’ needs is a top priority. And, since we regularly hear from customers about incontinence-related challenges, we saw a huge opportunity: the chance to design a great incontinence product that’s absorbent, soft, and comfortable without being bulky or overly expensive. Introducing –– Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear. Here, we highlight the product’s benefits and features.

Carewell Incontinence Underwear, Heavy & Overnight Absorbency - front
Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear

Price: $19.99 - $64.99

What is Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear?

Carewell Incontinence Underwear is our own brand, made right here in the USA. It’s a pull on style brief designed to manage urinary incontinence and comes in sizes S/M to 2XL. 

While developing this line of incontinence products, we listened to caregiver feedback about their most common wants and needs. Then, we incorporated those insights into a design that:

  • Holds up to 8 cups of liquid

  • Provides up to 12 hours of protection from leaks and odors

  • Features a pH-neutral lining to counteract urine acidity and prevent skin irritation

  • Has dual-leak barriers around each leg hole (This design prevents leaks and is perfect for side sleepers)

  • Contains an absorbent core that turns liquid into a gel, locking away wetness within seconds

  • Has a thinner, less bulky design than other incontinence products

  • Features soft, breathable fabric that’s been tested for sensitive skin

Our incontinence underwear has easy-tear sides that don’t bunch up and allow for quick, convenient changes. It’s also made without parabens, fragrances, lotion, chlorine, and latex.

Who Is Carewell Incontinence Underwear Designed For?

We developed our own incontinence brand to meet the needs of several demographics. It’s an excellent option if:

  • You’re able to put on and take off underwear on your own

  • You need a heavy absorbency product to manage urinary incontinence

  • You’re looking for up to 12 hours of incontinence protection or an overnight solution

  • You want slim, discreet incontinence underwear that fits well under clothing

  • You want a product that’s soft and sensitive-skin friendly

  • You want a product free of added parabens, fragrance, chlorine, latex, and lotion

Carewell incontinence underwear provides the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. It’s produced in a carbon-neutral facility, is free from animal testing, and is PEFC Certified. The PEFC distinction means the product is made from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources. In other words, you can keep your loved one clean, comfortable, and dry and support planet Earth while you’re at it.

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Have Questions About Carewell Incontinence Underwear? Contact Us!

Wondering if Carewell Incontinence Underwear is right for your loved one? Get in touch! Our friendly Care Team can answer your questions, explain what sets our own absorbent underwear brand apart, and make recommendations for your family’s needs. Contact them 24/7 by calling (800) 696-CARE or sending an email to

Carewell Incontinence Underwear, Heavy & Overnight Absorbency - front
Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear

Price: $19.99 - $64.99

Carewell Incontinence Underwear - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How is Carewell’s own brand different from similar brands or products?

Customers often tell us they wish there was a brand of incontinence products that protected against heavy urinary leakage without being bulky, itchy, or uncomfortable. We took that feedback and created our own. It offers heavy absorbency and up to 12 hours of incontinence protection in a slimmer, more discreet, and comfortable design.

2) What is the absorbency of Carewell Incontinence Underwear?

Carewell Incontinence Underwear can absorb up to 8 cups of liquid and provides 12-hour protection from leaks and odors. The product is designed for overnight use, so you and your loved one can sleep through the night.

3) Does Carewell Incontinence Underwear come in different sizes?

Yes. Carewell Incontinence Underwear, Heavy & Overnight Absorbency comes in 4 different sizes:

  • Small/Medium (28-40” waist)

  • Large (38-50” waist)

  • XL (48-65” waist)

  • XXL (64-80” waist)

Our size guide includes three measurements –– waist, hips, and weight range. To ensure a proper fit, measure your or your loved one’s waist and hips. Then, use the larger measurement to determine the right size. For example, if your waist is in the small/medium range, but your hips are in the large range, choose a size large. If you still have questions, contact our Care Team 24/7.

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