Mobility Awareness Month - Meet Gail

Jessie Ary

Written by Jessie Ary on Tue May 31 2022.

Mobility Awareness Month - Meet Gail

Staying active and healthy can become more challenging with age.  Many in our caregiving community have reported difficulty when it comes to helping a loved one with a limited range of motion.  As mobility wanes, more caregiving is required to help with daily tasks that were once easy.  Some dedicated caregivers, like Gail B., help their loved ones with everything.  Gail’s commitment to helping her sister, who cannot care for herself due to Alzheimer’s and limited mobility, is a daily act of love to help improve Wanda's quality of life.  

“Gail has been caring for her older siblings, including Wanda, who was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s.  Gail took Wanda to all her appointments, fed, bathed, and dressed her, and even monitored her finances.  As Wanda’s mobility began to wane, Gail helped her with daily care and exercise.”

Helping with everyday tasks can be monumental to someone with limited mobility.  Gail worked with her sister to help her regain mobility and maintain some range of motion.  If you are caring for a loved one who is facing similar challenges, there are ways to combat declining mobility such as:

Daily Stretching:  Stretching can help to increase flexibility and prevent injuries.  

Cardio:  Cardiovascular exercises work to raise your heart rate.  Cardio exercises included walking, jogging, dancing, or playing tennis.  

Strength Training: Using weights or resistance bands can help to build muscle, which helps to prevent falls.  

Ability will vary per person, so be sure to discuss a plan with a medical professional before beginning exercises.  Rebuilding mobility can be challenging, but very rewarding. 

Carewell offers a variety of products to help with mobility.  These items are designed to ease the challenges of caregiving for those with limited range of motion.

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Jessie Ary
Jessie Ary

Jessie Ary is Carewell's Content Coordinator. When Jessie isn't writing for Carewell, she spends her time attempting to climb rocks and traveling throughout the country with her cat, Carrot.