Family Caregiver Hero: A Loving Caregiver To Three Family Members Kimberly M.

Nate Birt

Written by Nate Birt on Fri Feb 17 2023.

Family Caregiver Hero: A Loving Caregiver To Three Family Members Kimberly M.

Caregiver: Kimberly M.

She’s caring for: Her husband, son, and daughter

Best tip for other caregivers: Your care, compassion, and hard work are noticed and appreciated.

Building A Family Through Life’s Obstacles

Kimberly has embodied the spirit of compassionate caregiving since she met her husband. 

When they married, he had a mild movement disorder. Since then, he has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease with dystonia and mental health challenges. 

In addition, Kim cares for their daughter, Anna, who has Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease, and their son, Josiah, who has autism and is hard of hearing. She provides around-the-clock care for all three, managing medications, appointments, and their needs.

Strength For Tomorrow

In addition to her caregiving support, Kim carefully manages the family’s finances. She makes sure her husband’s disability check is used to put food on the table and gas in their car. 

Often, she travels more than 100 miles in a day to ensure her loved ones get to their doctor’s appointments. 

Kristeen -- Kim’s mother-in-law and nominator -- reflects on all the ways her daughter-in-law demonstrates daily compassion and tireless hard work, she knows finding the strength to go on must be challenging. Her example shines brightly through it all.

“She is compassionate and loving, always seeing the bright side,” Kristeen says of Kim. “She deserves recognition.”

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Nate Birt
Nate Birt

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