Checklist of Helpful Products For Heavy Incontinence

Nate Birt

Written by Nate Birt on Wed Feb 01 2023.

Checklist of Helpful Products For Heavy Incontinence

If you take care of a loved one, you might have questions all about incontinence. You can help your loved one maintain a life of dignity and comfort by supporting them if they cannot control the urge to urinate or defecate. Age and medical conditions can be among the reasons for heavy incontinence. 

There are several types of incontinence, according to the National Institute on Aging. Those most likely to impact people with heavy incontinence include urge incontinence. Your loved one might not be able to control when they need to urinate. This often happens when people have a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes.

Another common form of heavy incontinence is called functional incontinence. This means your loved one might not get around well. As a result, they often can’t get to the bathroom in time when they really need to go.

Use this heavy incontinence checklist of helpful products to support your loved one and help keep them and their environment clean and healthy.

Check List

Step 1: Keep rooms smelling fresh and avoid odors with a Deodorizer

You can use deodorizers to ensure the spaces where your loved one spends time to smell fresh and clean. If an accident happens, a deodorizer can help get rid of odors and ensure a pleasant living environment. 

Step 2: Enable diapers to absorb more liquid using a Booster Pad

As a caregiver for someone with heavy incontinence, you change undergarments and clothing frequently. A booster pad can be added to the diapers your loved one wears. This lets the diaper hold more urine, which can result in fewer changes per day. This can increase your loved one’s comfort and save you valuable time as a caregiver.

Step 3: Add comfort and protect furniture with Underpads

Your loved one deserves dry surroundings, whether sitting on a couch or in a wheelchair or lying in bed. Underpads can help provide that comfortable environment. They also soak up moisture to protect the furniture beneath them. If you care for a loved one in your home, underpads are an important product to keep your things in great shape.

Step 4: Clean skin with ease and care using Adult Wipes

The best adult wipes keep your loved one’s skin clean without any abrasive ingredients or smells. Adult wipe containers are easy for caregivers to open and close, making it simple to help loved ones freshen up.

Step 5: Keep hands clean and put trash where it belongs with Waste Container/Liners

As a caregiver with a loved one who has heavy incontinence, you frequently come into contact with bodily fluids, dirty wipes, and other products. The right waste container helps you get rid of the trash in a safe way that limits bad odors. Liners help you easily seal up trash and dispose of it properly while keeping waste containers clean.

Step 6: Clean the body’s surfaces to keep loved ones healthy using Cleansers

The purpose of a cleanser is to keep the skin free of waste which can lead to skin irritation. This can help your loved one stay healthy and reduce bad odors. There are even cleansers for sensitive body areas, such as the perineum. Cleansers help you keep your loved one’s entire body healthy.

Step 7: Protect and restore the skin with Barrier Cream

As its name suggests, barrier cream creates a helpful boundary between your loved one’s skin and things that might contaminate it, such as urine from heavy incontinence. Some families use a barrier cream to help damaged skin heal faster because of the protective support this product provides.

Step 8: Keep hands clean yet flexible using Gloves

Disposable gloves protect your hands from bodily fluids and waste when you are cleaning up your loved one with heavy incontinence. They also provide the flexibility you need to use your hands and fingers to clean well. You can throw away disposable gloves once you’ve used them and replace them as needed for future accidents.

Step 9: Collect waste with a product that’s easy to clean, such as a Bed Pan

When your loved one with heavy incontinence rests or sleeps, getting to the bathroom can be hard. A bed pan placed underneath their bed can collect pee or poop. You can then dispose of waste and sanitize this product. The hard surfaces and streamlined design of a bed pan make it easy to clean.

Step 10: Clean dirty clothes and remove stains using Laundry Detergent

Keep your loved one in clean and dry clothing with the help of effective laundry detergent. You can also remove or reduce the severity of stains for loved ones with heavy incontinence. This can help preserve their dignity and make trips in public more pleasant.

Step 11: Bring a comfortable toilet where your loved one needs it with a Commode

If your loved one with heavy incontinence struggles to get to the bathroom on time, support them with a commode that meets their needs. You can select from a variety of products with different designs to keep your loved one safe on the toilet and help people of all mobility levels.

Step 12: Keep your loved one clean and protected using Cleaning Wipes

Loved ones with heavy incontinence often need additional help cleaning that toilet paper alone can’t provide. Use cleaning wipes to help your loved one remove waste and stains after going to the bathroom. Then dispose of them easily after use.

Expert Insight

“For those with heavier incontinence, starting with a discreet brief would be a great starting point and, if necessary, a booster pad or a heavier brief for both day and nighttime use,” says Kiera Powell, Carewell’s consulting nurse. “In severe cases, medications can be prescribed if there are underlying conditions that are leading to the incontinence.”

Need More Help?

Choosing the right product can be overwhelming. That’s why Carewell is here to help. If you need assistance finding the perfect product, we invite you to talk to one of our caregiving specialists today. Call 855-855-1666. We’re here to support you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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