Companion Caregiver Hero Award: A Compassionate and Inspiring Partner, Jason C.

Chad Birt

Written by Chad Birt on Fri Feb 16 2024.

Companion Caregiver Hero Award: A Compassionate and Inspiring Partner, Jason C.

Caregiver: Jason Castro

He’s caring for: His girlfriend

Winner of: The Companion Caregiver Hero Award

A Love Story for the Ages

When Jason Castro’s girlfriend was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, his life changed overnight. Other people his age might have ended the relationship, but Jason gladly accepted the role of caregiver and is 100% committed.

 “He’s 19-20 years old and kids his age are out partying,” Castro’s sister, Brianna says. “[But Jason] goes and he helps his girlfriend get into her wheelchair. He makes her breakfast every morning. He drives her around. He tries to make her feel normal. He doesn’t complain. He helps support her in every aspect, from her school to her job. Everything.” 

Inspiring Others

Despite facing these challenges and lacking a large support network, Jason wouldn’t have it any other way. He does everything he can each day to make his girlfriend as comfortable as possible. Whether preparing meals or doing laundry, Jason never slows down. And, his hard work influences others.

“It’s just amazing to me to see that my little brother isn’t a little kid anymore,” Brianna says. “The man that he’s become and the compassion that he shows toward his girlfriend…is inspiring to me. It’s inspiring to others as well.” 

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Chad Birt
Chad Birt

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