Attends is a long-standing incontinence supplier for anyone navigating incontinence. This brand created the first-ever disposable brief. With multiple product lines ranging from economical to very high-end, Attends has a product for everyone. 

Use this review to learn more about the kinds of products Attends offers, how it stacks up to other manufacturers, and other details you might need when purchasing incontinence products.

What is Attends?

Families seeking incontinence products can look to Attends for products, including disposable adult underwear, pads for loved ones and furniture, male guards, wipes, and more.

How do Attends Products Work?

Products from Attends are designed to capture bowel voids and urine while keeping loved ones comfortable, dry, and healthy. Some products even protect surfaces such as beds and chairs from getting wet in the event of an accident. 

Attends Pros and Cons 

Attends pros include:

  • Products for every price point: Budget-conscious shoppers and premium-seekers alike can find an Attends product right for them and those they love. 

  • Bariatric options: For anyone who needs larger sizes can find a matching product with Attends.

  • Fantastic fit: Customers often share that Attends products are comfortable and fit just right.

Attends cons include:

  • Bowel incontinence limitations: Only Attends briefs with tabs should be used for bowel incontinence. This might mean exploring other products designed to support people with bowel voids. 

  • Unisex variability: Most Attends products are unisex, while a handful is specifically designed for him or her, depending on the product. Double-check labels to ensure the products will fit the user comfortably. 

Key Features 

Attends Premier Pull-Up Underwear, Overnight

  • This highly absorbent incontinence product is perfect for use at bedtime to ensure a sound night’s sleep. It works exactly like regular underwear.

Attends Premier Pull-Up Underwear, Overnight

Price: $19.06 - $99.99

Attends Adult Diapers with Tabs, Premier Overnight

  • This product features a super soft fabric and a core that absorbs moisture to keep the user dry, plus eight hours of odor protection.

Attends Adult Diapers with Tabs, Premier Overnight

Price: $24.99 - $99.84

Attends Supersorb Maximum Underpads, Heavy

  • Protect beds and furniture with material that feels like fabric while reducing extra laundry duties.

Attends Supersorb Maximum Underpads, Heavy
Attends Supersorb Maximum Underpads, Heavy

Price: $16.02 - $114.19

Attends Ultimate Bariatric Pull-Up Underwear 2XL

  • Provides maximum support for bowel or urinary incontinence. This product works great for people who wear larger sizes up to an 80” waist.

Image Not Available

Attends Extended Wear Pads, Overnight

  • Retain large amounts of liquid and keep the wearer dry over a long period, whether at bedtime or during the day. This also works for bowel incontinence.

Who is Attends for?

Products from Attends work well for various incontinence needs and offer a wide range of sizes. Adult diapers, pull-ups, and other items can be used for both bowel and urinary incontinence, depending on the product. 

Hear it From a Caregiver

  • I have been searching for the most absorbent possible and this fits the bill.” Attends Premier customers rave about the product’s ultra absorbency and protection. 

  • “I love that these are made in the USA!” Carewell customers appreciate that manufacturing of Attends products happens in the U.S.

Commonly Asked Questions

1) What’s the difference between the regular and ‘Discreet’ lines?

Discreet products have discreet colors, such as nude. They also offer slim fit and gender-specific options.

2) Are the pull-ups unisex?

Most Attends supplies are unisex, aside from the Discreet line and the incontinence pads.

3) Will these work for bowel incontinence?

Only briefs with tabs should be used for bowel incontinence. If you or your loved one prefer a pull-up, Attends Premier could work, though it’s not ideal because the pad in the back isn’t as large as on other tab-style briefs.


Attends incontinence products are a perfect fit for a wide range of people. Its line of underwear and pads locks in moisture, keeps the body feeling fresh, and prevents unpleasant odors. Many Attends products can be used for a long period, such as overnight, ensuring wearers get the rest they need with maximum comfort.

Need Help?

Have questions about any of the products listed in this round-up or about incontinence products in general? Our Caregiving Specialists are here to help 24/7 in English and Spanish. Email or call (800) 696-CARE.

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