By Vicks
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Vicks Steam Sinus Inhaler 



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Short Description

  • Vicks Sinus Steam Inhaler offers targeted relief from congestion and irritation
  • Non-medicated steam helps relieve symptoms of sinusitis, allergies, cough, and colds
  • Compatible with Vicks VapoPads or VapoSteam
  • Natural, warm steam

About Vicks Sinus Steam Inhaler

Vicks Sinus Steam Inhaler offers temporary relief for nasal and sinus congestion by offering warm and soothing steam to help add moisture. This steam inhaler helps to soothe cough and congestion with visible moisture to help provide relief through moisture. The scent pad slot allows you to insert VapoPads to release soothing vapors for added comfort. The filter-free design makes this portable steam inhaler easy to maintain. Vicks Portable Steam Inhaler runs for up to 15 minutes per treatment. This design is portable and lightweight, making it great for traveling and on-the-go relief.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Temporarily relieves nasal and sinus congestion with warm and soothing steam
  • Compatible with VapoPads and VapoSteam
  • Filter-free design for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable Steam Control

Who Should Be Using This Product?

  • Those in need of relief from nasal and sinus congestion, or those looking to soothe cough.

How do you use or apply this product?

Please read instructions included in the packaging carefully before using this product.

  • Rinse out thoroughly before using.
  • Fill the base to the water line with hot (not boiling) water.
  • Open the scent pad packet and add ot the water, or add one teaspoonful of Vicks VapoSteam.
  • Breathe in the soothing vapors.
Brand Vicks
Product Type Sinus Steam Inhaler
Unit Size 5.11" x 12.87"
Color White and Blue