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Posted by Brianna Maguire on Nov 13th 2020

Need overnight protection but not ready for a diaper with tabs? Overnight adult protective underwear provide the absorbency and protection you need, while easily sliding on and off. Active adults will find comfort in a pull-up that looks and feels like regular underwear, while still enjoying the extra absorbency of an overnight incontinence product.

Overnight pull-up diapers, unlike tab-style diapers, have some gender-specific designs, so they'll fit your body just right. Enjoy a good night's sleep by minimizing nighttime changes and leaks!

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What are overnight protective underwear for adults?

Overnight adult pull-ups are an absorbent nighttime underwear that looks and feels a little like real underwear. You slide your legs into each of the leg holes, then pull them up over your hips and belly. They feature a thick, absorbent core and a stretchy waist.

Who should use overnight protective underwear?

Overnight pull-up diapers are ideal for those that are:

  • Caring for themselves
  • Active and mobile, with relatively good balance
  • Able to make it to the bathroom sometimes
  • More comfortable with the look and feel of regular underwear than tab-style diapers
  • In need of more protection than a pad can afford
  • Looking for a daytime solution that’s more absorbent than traditional pull-ups, but aren’t ready for a diaper with tabs

Who shouldn't use them?

Overnight pull-ups are likely not a good choice for:

  • Caregivers putting the product on someone else
  • Those who don’t want to remove their pants when putting on a product, such as those who are traveling
  • Those who need very heavy incontinence protection
  • Those with low mobility, or those who are bedridden
  • Those who need a size larger than 2XL size

How do they work?

Overnight pull-ups work by hugging the body like a traditional pair of underwear. The core is packed with polymers, or small absorbent beads, that soak up any liquid and turn it into gel. Since incontinence is trapped in the core, your skin stays dry, and there's less chance of leaks. Keep in mind that the back of the pull-up is typically marked with either colored string or a stamp featuring the size.

How to put pull-up underwear on:

  • Fold the pull-up lengthways, with the back sheet turned outwards. Try not to touch the inside of the pull-up
  • On the backside of the pull-up, there will be some sort of marking. Turn the pull-up so that it’s facing the correct direction
  • Place one leg at a time into the pull-up, then slide it up your legs and over your waist, just like normal underwear
  • Double-check the edges to make sure the back sheet is turned outwards

How to take pull-up diapers off:

  • Once the pull-up is full, you simply tear away the side seams (one on each side), and lift it off

What features exist?

Tear-away sides or “easy open sides”

All of the overnight pull-ups we offer feature tearaway sides for easy removal. These are seams on each side of the pull-up that easily rip apart, so you don't have to take your pants all the way off to remove them.

Wetness indicators

Some of our pull-ups have wetness indicators on the back. These are ideal if you're looking for an easier way to tell when it's time for a change.

Leg gathers

Leg gathers or leg cuffs are pieces of fabric on the pull-up that wrap around the leg openings to keep incontinence in.

Cloth-like backing material

Cloth backing means the outside of the diaper is made out of a soft cloth. These pull-ups are typically a more comfortable fit and are always better for your skin, plus they're quiet to maintain discretion.

Gender-specific designs

While there are unisex pull-ups, some of them come in gender-specific designs so they fit the body more comfortably.

  • Men’s incontinence underwear have more polymers in the front, since men tend to void in the front of the underwear. Some men’s pull-ups are designed to look more like regular men’s briefs.
  • Women’s incontinence underwear contain polymers down the middle, where women void. They also come in more feminine colors and designs

How do I choose?

  1. Figure out which of the features above are the most important to you.
  2. Decide what absorbency you’d prefer. While overnight pull-ups are some of our most absorbent underwear, some are still heavier than others. If you tend to void heavily at night, you’ll want to go with a maximum absorbency overnight underwear. If you only go once or twice through the night, you may want to go with a lower absorbency.
  3. Measure your waist and hip sizes in inches, then use the larger of the two numbers to figure out what size you need
  4. Still have questions? Our Care Team is happy to help! Call us at 855-855-1666 or email us at

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Brittany's pro-tips

It might seem tempting to double up on pull-ups, but putting one pull-up on top of another actually makes them less absorbent. Plus, all of the harmful vapors from incontinence get trapped in the pull-up and can damage your skin. If you need more absorbency, try adding a booster pad instead.

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