Hygienic Wipes

Hygienic Wipes are cleansing wipes to be used on various areas of the body. There are cleansing wipes specific for the face, the body, or the perineal area.

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About Hygienic Wipes

Hygienic wipes, also called cleansing wipes or wet wipes, come in all shapes and sizes and are used for anything from cleaning up incontinence to wiping your pet’s paws. Even if you don’t have incontinence concerns, many people use hygienic wipes for a number of personal needs. Whether you’re sanitizing your hands, cleaning up sticky messes, or replacing traditional toilet paper for a cleaner, fresher feel, hygienic wipes can be your new best friend.

I or my loved one experiences incontinence. Do I need hygienic wipes?

Hygienic wipes are critical partner for your incontinence products. Hygienic wipes help users feel fresh and clean, as well as protect the caregiver’s hands. They’re often disposable, so they’re as convenient as they are sanitary.  

Baby wipes never work for me. Why should I try other hygienic wipes?

Many caregivers are frustrated by trying to use baby wipes for adults. Adult wipes provide a simple, clean solution. Double the size of baby wipes, adult wipes are durable and better fitted to an adult body. Since they’re larger, they also protect a caregiver’s hands, so you never have to worry about messy changes again.

I have sensitive skin and am worried that wipes would make it worse

Actually, the opposite is true! All wipes are safe on skin, but if you’re worried about skin health, you may want to try barrier wipes. Barrier wipes contain a cream that’s left behind after wiping, and creates a layer between skin and an incontinence product. Not sure if you need barrier wipes but want a little extra skin protection? Many of our wipes come packed with ingredients like aloe, to keep your skin calm, clean, and healthy.

Stay clean, dry, and feel better with hygienic wipes! Still don’t feel totally clean? Consider using some of our gloves as well, for an extra layer of protection while changing a loved one.